9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At Pearl!

9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At Pearl!
Pearl is a different world in itself and only those of us who’ve been lucky enough to study at it know the intricacies that run and rule this place. Here are 9 things you will get if you studied at Pearl!

1. Every day is a fashion show...

And "Pearl" is your runway!

studied at pearl 1

2. Casual dressing? What’s that?

We mean business and we sure as hell dress like that. Don’t be surprised if you see almost EVERY girl strutting around in her heels and the most awesome outfits!

3. And we’ve mastered the art of taking great pictures…

...After all, we’ve all been shot for AT LEAST one photo shoot at college.

3 studied at pearl

4. You know how other colleges have a hundred societies for dance, drama, debating?

Well, we’ve got one BIG ‘Plan Clan’ to organise everything! One visit to our famous Pearl Utsav and you’ll know the highest levels of efficiency we’re talking about.

5. “Oh, you’re a fashion designer from Pearl?”

Everybody just assumes that if you’ve studied from Pearl, you must be a fashion designer. And honestly, you’re quite tired of telling aunties and tailors and friends of friends that there’s more to a design college than just designing clothes! Uff!

5 studied at pearl

6. But with designers like Manav Gangwani for alumni…

You can’t really blame people for assuming you’re cut from the same cloth too. (Pun intended!)

7. Four years of college life feel like girl paradise…

You know with, like, only ONE guy in every class, there was hardly any relationship drama within classmates!

7 studied at pearl

8. There was not one dull moment!

With working for top notch designers for summer internships, industry influentials as teachers, and fashion shows for practical learnings - we didn’t really mind being pitched against NIFT either!

9. Classes start at 9 in the morning…

But can easily go up to 9 in the night! And spending all this time together brought us closer to each other, as partners in crime and soul sisters for life! <3

studied at pearl 9

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