THIS Is What It’s Like If Your Guy Is An Army Kid!

THIS Is What It’s Like If Your Guy Is An Army Kid!
We know what you're thinking. Is dating a fauji kid really all that different from dating any other guy? Well, the answer is YES! And you wouldn't ask that question once you have been in a relationship with a fauji kid! Here are some of the things that you'll totally get in that case!

1. Every older woman around you guys will always be addressed as 'Ma'am' by him. And your mother finds this very impressive!

2. It is an established rule amongst you guys that chappals do not travel outside of the house. Nope, never.

3. He has an appreciation for hand written letters, even in the age of WhatsApp and Snapchat. Mostly because of his parents.

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4. He'll never NOT know what's going on in the country. Or the world.

5. You never need to wonder about New Year’s plans. You'll obviously join him at the DSOI party!

6. Long walks with him in the Cantt area? BEST thing ever! It's like a haven in there.

dating a fauji kid  6

7. Attending the Army Ball and May Queen Pageant is something you've come to terms with by now.

8. You were super scared of meeting his parents, but later realized they're really not all that military-ish at home!

9. Alcohol is never bought at thekas and wine shops anymore! It's an absolute waste given that he can just get it from the canteen.

dating a fauji kid 9

10. He very strongly believes that APS is the best school ever, so you don't even try to convince him otherwise anymore.

11. He gets along with literally everybody since he moved around a lot as a kid and had to deal with being the "new kid" every time.

12. He LOVES tambola. He's made it his life's mission to make you love it too (if you don't already) before he drags you to a Tambola night.

dating a fauji kid  12

13. He has a group of fauji kid friends, where everyone knows everyone! There are TOO many conversations that just go over your head when you're with them.

14. You've learnt that their Mess isn't like the one in schools and colleges. It's where all the parties and Friday night movie scenes take place!

15. Weekends aren't just spent shopping and at bars but also just chilling at the Golf Club!

dating a fauji kid 15

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