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12 Things You’ll Get If You’re The Eldest Child In The Family!

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

If you’re the oldest of all the children in your family, then you know that your parents’ parenting philosophy was sufficiently different by the time your younger siblings grew up! You set many a rules and benchmarks, or rather broke them and made it easier for your younger siblings! Here are a few things you will totally get if you’re the eldest child.

1. You got scolded for breaking certain rules…

But when your younger siblings do the same things… the entire family just finds it funny! Because they’ve already seen it happen before.

eldest child 1

2. Your curfew was basically 10 pm while you were in school.

Younger siblings: “Curfew, what curfew?”

3. In fact, your younger siblings often use you as an excuse to go out with their friends at night…

And you always cover for them! Wondering why you didn’t have an older sibling, right!?

eldest child 3

4. On the flipside though…

Your younger siblings absolutely love and adore you for the things you do for them!

5. If you ever did anything naughty…

It was your fault. Because you’re older and should know the difference between right and wrong.

eldest child 5

6. If your younger siblings ever did something wrong…

It was still your fault. Because you’re supposed to be the responsible one!

7. But when you took charge and tried to be all responsible…

The younger ones called you bossy!

eldest child 7

8. You rarely ever minded it, though…

Because you were super protective of them and didn’t want them to get into trouble!

9. You and your younger siblings got everything at the same time…NOT.

You got it when you were 18 and they got it at 15 and 12. Because they were 15 and 12 when you were 18!

eldest child 9

10. But you do still get to do everything first!

Go on holidays with your friends, experience college life, fall in love! So much more to share with the younger ones!

11. Your mom often bought the same clothes for you and your younger sister…

It was cute for her because she was 11. But you were 14. Not so cute.

eldest child 11

12. But you knew that the little one loved wearing the same clothes as you because she looked up to you.

So you just went along with it too!

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Published on Nov 27, 2015
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