8 Wedding Traditions From The World YOU Will Want To Steal!

8 Wedding Traditions From The World YOU Will Want To Steal!
Besides the fancy clothes, the drinking and the dancing, our desi shaadis are world famous for their endless and absolutely unique traditions. But apparently, it’s not just us! The world is full of adorable wedding traditions that we totally need to borrow. Like asap!

1. Sweden’s beautiful shoe tradition

The hardest part about getting married is having to leave your parent’s house. A Swedish bride keeps a silver coin from her father in her left shoe and a gold coin from her mother in the right to symbolize that she’ll never go without them. A refreshing new way to show how much you care.

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2. It’s all about bribing the bridesmaids in China

This one requires the groom and his men to visit the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding day. And meeting the bride comes with a price! The bridesmaids let the groom enter the house only once they are satisfied with the money he hands over. This is followed by a tea session with the parents. And the tea is prepared by the bride herself. How very bollywood na?  

3. Bride-napping with the Romanians

A mock bride-kidnapping occurs right before the wedding and the groom has to win back his future wife. Pay a ransom, buy drinks or do a little romantic jig. It’s that one spot you’d love to see your man in ;)

4. Filipinos release doves for peace

A newly married couple releases two doves into the open skies to represent a peaceful and harmonious life together. Besides being extremely romantic, this is one tradition that guarantees fab pictures!

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5. Sweating it out, German style

Newlyweds in Germany are made to cut a wood log in half. This is done to test their ability to face obstacles together as a married couple. Definitely for the outdoors-inclined!

6. With love, from France

In France, the bride and groom drink a wedding toast from a double-handled goblet. This goblet is a little family treasure that is passed down from one generation to another. You could even have your initials engraved and let it sit at a special place in your new home.

7. Spice it up the Venezuelan way!

This is one tradition that we really really need in India. Honeymoon for a Venezuelan couple starts right after the ceremony. No stressful sleepless nights, no funny stares the next morning, no mitha cooking ceremony. Infact, it’s absolutely normal for a couple to sneak out from their reception party and spice things up almost instantly. Now wouldn’t you just love that!

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8. Do the Polish money dance!

Now this one’s an absolute favorite but we’re not quite sure how it would work in India. The guests at the reception are invited to buy a dance with the bride and all the money collected goes into the honeymoon fund. Note to self : must incorporate at our own wedding!

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