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The Real Reason It’s SO Hard To Find Love In Our Times!!

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

Finding love and holding on to it is never easy! But even more so in our times - our parents’ generation sure do seem to have had a less complicated time of it.  Here are a few reasons it’s so hard to find love today.

1. Because we’re scared of labels!

And don’t want to define a relationship. “I want to be with you, but don’t want to call you my girlfriend/ boyfriend.” When two people are so scared of becoming exclusive, how are they to fall in love and discover what it truly means?!

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2. Because we’re sometimes too afraid of making a real commitment

We might be ready to commit for the moment, but we’re afraid to commit long term! We’re afraid to think about a future with someone and the possibility of actually building a life together - just because it seems very far away, we are often too scared to even make the effort and change our thinking about the future.

3. Because we don’t like the idea of a failed relationship

No one likes to have their heart broken, but becoming too cautious in trying not to have your heart broken also means you risk not actually experiencing a deep, abiding love! Yes, it could fail, but it could also be the most beautiful thing ever. How will you ever know if you don’t give it a shot!? No one ever found love without taking a bit of a risk! ;)

4. Because we look for the wrong things

We often forget to look for the things that matter the most! Someone with the same principles and values as us. Someone whom we trust and respect and can actually think of having a life with! Looks or other material things that might attract you to someone could go away with time. But someone with a pure and honest heart will always keep you happy!

5. Because we look for flaws in everything and everyone!

We’re too quick to pick faults and dismiss people! We need to stop and think and try and look at the good in people. Try and see what we have in common rather than what our differences could be!


6. Because we lead very busy lives…

And believe it or not, our hectic schedules make it tough for us to meet new people or create time for those already in our lives. While making something of one’s self is important, it's also important to allow yourself the time to find and fall in love - and the time to work on that relationship!

7. Because walking out always seems like an easier option…

But staying on and making it work is always much more rewarding in the long run! This is something we need to understand in order to find true love! Falling in love is easy, but actually keeping it can be hard. Doesn’t mean you walk out as soon as the going gets tough, though. You fell in love for a reason. Remember that when times are tough!

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Published on Oct 30, 2015
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