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12 Signs That You Never Let Anything Stop You! #GirlBoss

12 Signs That You Never Let Anything Stop You! #GirlBoss
Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, we all know it can be mean and nasty at times. These are testing times when you will have to get back up on your feet, take full responsibility for yourself and fight back. Whether it’s love, studies, health or work...there will be times life will hit you hard, but these are also the times when you gotta hit back - HARDER - and come out stronger on the other side. If you are the one to look at a hurdle in the eye and say “Bring it on!” then this one’s for you! Here are 12 things if you’ll get if you’re a born fighter.

1. Minor setbacks don’t dishearten you

While you may have slogged day and night to get something and the results don’t turn out the way you want it to be, you are not majorly disheartened by it. Sure, you become a little upset but it won’t bring you down. Instead, it will only make you push yourself harder and do better until you achieve your goal.

being a fighter 1

2. You don’t like to complain

You feel like complaining does not solve anything and it is just a waste of time. If you’re not happy or you’re stressed, you would rather use that time to do something else, like, turn up the volume of your favorite song and sing like it’s nobody’s business.

3. You keep your problems to yourself

If you have a problem or something is bothering you, you don’t tell people what it is. Instead you try to fix the problem yourself...which might not be a good idea all the time since it takes a toll on your inner peace at times.

4. You don’t like to depend on anybody else

Your independance means everything to you. And you hate being emotionally dependant on someone. You automatically have your guard up if you think someone is intruding in your space.

being a fighter 4

5. You are more adaptable to change than others

You embrace change and you easily adapt to new surroundings and people. You learn to adjust faster in a new environment than most people would.

6. People think you are aloof and emotionally detached even when you’re not

Since you guard your independence and keep things to yourself, people tend to think you are aloof. You care, it’s just that you don’t think you NEED to prove that you do...and the ones who really know you - they get it.

7. You don’t let people into your life very easily

It’s hard for you to trust people and you don’t let people into your life easily. Even though you have many friends, there are just a handful you let into your personal space.

8. You’re don’t let fear take charge of your life

Not saying you’re fearless. Of course you have your fears and doubts, but you don’t let that get the best of you and prevent you from doing something you want.

being a fighter- 8

9. You don’t dwell on past mistakes

Past mistakes are for learning. You don’t regret making them and see them as valuable life lessons.

10. You accept the realities of life

“This too shall pass” is your motto. You learn that just like the last episode of the last season of your favorite show got over...so will other things in life. Friendships, things and relationships...you accept the impermanence of these things and you feel everyone else should accept it too.

11. If you’re broken, you’re all you need to fix yourself

There are times when things fall out of place. Such situations do break you but you also fix yourself in no time. You don’t sit there waiting for someone to pick you up. Wolverine’s healing powers are nothing compared to yours! That’s right. :P

being a fighter 11

12. Lastly, you know you are in charge of your own life and that happiness is a decision

You firmly believe that happiness is a state of mind that is in YOUR own hands. You know that you can’t control things and situations...but what you can control is how you react in those situations. You won’t have it any other way!

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