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London Thumakda! 9 Things You’ll Get If You Are “UK Return”

Simar Rana

Video Content Editor, POPxo

From grey skies to clear blue skies and a bag that no longer needs to be big enough to fit your umbrella! There are some things you will totally get if you’re back after living in the UK!

1. You do not understand how the sky is so bright all the time.

You’re used to gloomy grey skies. That’s kind of how you tell the time...

UK return 1

2. You just don’t get why people crib about the “monsoon”.

The umbrella you’re used to carrying with you all the time barely serves a purpose now.

3. Primark will forever hold a very special place in your heart.

Where else can you buy THAT much stuff without spending your entire month’s pocket money?!

UK return 3

4. So will Tesco and Sainsbury’s!

Those dessert isles were like heaven on earth.

5. You don’t understand why people think you should sound like Harry Potter.

“You studied in the UK? But you don’t have an accent.”

uk return 5

6. On the other hand, all those tiny places you always wanted to acquire while playing Monopoly…

Are places you have actually been to and love!

7. The legal drinking age everywhere else just goes beyond your comprehension.

“Like, I’ve been drinking legally since I was 18, dude. And I could even buy 2 Pound shots! There is no such thing as 2 rupees shots.”

uk return 7

8. You actually love and appreciate Bollywood movies much more than you did before you left for the UK!

You seriously wanted to watch every Hindi movie that ever came out while you were there!

9. Everyone assumes that you definitely just studied in London.

There are other places in the UK, you know?

UK return 9

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Published on Oct 19, 2015
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