#NoFilter: 12 Things Every Straightforward Person Will Get!

#NoFilter: 12 Things Every Straightforward Person Will Get!
There are some of us who don’t really have that filter between what we think and what other people feel we should actually say - with us, what you see is what you get. But telling it just as it is can make one’s life as easy (no complications, duh!) as it can make it messy (hurt feelings, oops!). Here are 12 things you’ll totally get if you are a straightforward person...

1. When your friends want to rant and crib about their life, they avoid you, ‘coz you just give them the harsh truth to their faces, with zero sugar-coating!

straightforward person 1

2. BUT, when a true opinion is what they seek, you’re the ONLY person they turn to. And the best part is they hold your word as law, and soon act upon it too.

straightforward person 2

3. You aren’t one for formalities and longish courtesies, and that’s why so many people tend to misunderstand you at first.

straightforward person 2

4. But eventually, your lack of faff and plain honesty is what they come to love and respect about you, ‘coz that’s a rare find,right?!

straightforward person

5. Flirting is a serious problem for you, because uhm, silly giggles and pointless sweet-nothings is really not your style!

straight forward person 5

6. But any guy who falls in love with you is super lucky, ‘coz you never beat around the bush, and put all your feelings out there - with no hidden meanings, no games and no misunderstandings whatsoever!

straightforward person 3

7. Often you’ve been in trouble with your parents and seniors for speaking your mind, when a little diplomacy could have seriously hurt no one!

straightforward person 7

8. But they just as easily accept your apologies, and never doubt your sincerity about being sorry.

straightforward person

9. You hate answering anyone’s “How do I look?” question, for if they don’t look nice, they’ll just have to hear it!

straightforward person 9

10. On the other hand, your BF has a breezy time with this question when you ask it, for you always take his honesty in stride, and do not blame him for telling as it is.

straightforward person 10

11. You just don’t understand gossip, ‘coz what’s the point of talking about a person when he’s not there to hear it, right?

straightforward person 11

12. Neither do you take anyone’s shit - ‘coz if someone’s mean to you, you just march right up to them and don’t stop till all is sorted out.

straightforward person 12

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