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THIS Is What Happens When Your Bestie Is A Boy!

THIS Is What Happens When Your Bestie Is A Boy!
Having a boyfriend is awesome, but having a male best friend forever is sometimes even better. If you’re a girl with a boy for a bestie, you would definitely relate to these things. Go on and give your best (boy)friend a hug!

1. He’s Like Your Bodyguard

Whether it’s walking on the road at night or when there are annoying guys trying to hit on you in a club, his presence just makes you feel safer.

2. People Keep Asking You Why You Guys Aren’t Dating

And assume you’re lying when you say you’re happy to be just friends. The rest of the world seems to think you both are perfect for each other.

when your best friend is a boy

3. You’ve Always Gotten Along With Guys

You do have female friends of course, but you’ve always felt like you get along better with the guys and have a total ball hanging out with them.

4. He Gives You The Best Guy Advice

Where else to get insight about boys from than...well, a boy!

when your best friend is a boy

5. Your Significant Others Initially Tend To Be A Bit...Suspicious

When either of you get into relationships, you always have to deal with your partners being uncomfortable with your closeness. But you never let that affect your friendship.

6. You Love No Drama

You feel like having male besties are much more refreshing and chilled out minus all the drama and politics that occur amongst most girls.

when your best friend is a boy

7. There’s No Judgement

Whether you drunkenly hooked up with a stranger or ate an entire pizza by yourself, your bestie doesn’t bat an eyelid and will never think less of you.

8. He Gives You His Honest Opinion About How That Dress Looks On You

Even if you do look fat or trampy or like you’re trying too hard, your guy bestie gives it to you straight. Even if it does hurt your feelings a bit, he will never let you go out looking less than fabulous.

when your best friend is a boy

9. You’re Used To Girls Hating You

When you hang out with the guys and have a boy for a best friend, you get used to other girls hating on you because of all the male attention, even though it is just platonic.

10. He’ll Never Let You Date A Loser

He acts all big-brotherly when it comes to guys. And when he does approve of a boyfriend, you know this one’s a keeper. You do the same for him when it comes to girls, of course.

when your best friend is a boy

11. He’s Never Going To Break Up With You

He’s in it for the long haul, he’s your boy friend, and you never have to worry about him breaking up with you or cheating on you - like with boyfriends!

12. People Expect You To Be A Tomboy

Just because you drink beer, laugh at dirty jokes and even understand sports doesn’t mean you’re not a total girly girl at heart.

13. You Can Be Yourself

When you’re with him you guys just hang out and do normal best-friend stuff, like talk about anything and watch movies and stuff. You can be yourself and not be self-conscious or worry about anything - like if he’s going to kiss you or something - as you might when you’re around other boys.

when your best friend is a boy

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