Is He “The One” For You? 10 Things To Look Out For!

Is He “The One” For You? 10 Things To Look Out For!
“Unless it’s mad, passionate or extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life; love shouldn’t be one of them.” - Dream For An Insomniac. Ladies, it’s time we stop settling for anyone who is not worth all the cares and attentions we are willing to shower on them. Here are 10 things you should look for in the guy you want to be with!

1. He MUST treat you with respect

And treat all your dreams and ambitions as equally important as his own. There are many guys out there who consider a woman’s passions as secondary to their own, and you really need not bear with that kind of inequality in any relationship.

1 qualities in a man

2. And shouldn’t fear hard work in any situation

No matter if he’s rich, or just making ends meet right now - if he is is willing to work hard and doesn’t fear the accompanying struggle to get where he wants to, he will most definitely be successful in life. What’s better is this guy will learn humility on his way up and will stand by you in all your hard times too.

3. He should be devoted to his family

Yes, he should be. He should be loving towards his parents and his siblings - for if a man cannot love those he’s bound by with blood, what chance does anyone else stand? Judge a man’s heart and his ability to love from his actions towards those who have loved and provided for him all along.

qualities in a man 3

4. And have a positive attitude towards life

There is no growth with someone who knows only to crib, cry and complain. If a person has a negative approach towards life, then his negativity will pull you down too. Any guy who just acts the victim to win people's’ sympathy and put all blame on the world shouldn’t be worth your time.

5. He should be faithful to you, at all times

There just can’t be two ways about it. You should be able to place your complete trust and faith in him, for any relationship that lacks these stands on a shaky foundation, one that may easily crumble under the weight of misunderstandings.

5 - qualities in a man

6. He should be able to make you laugh, and not just smile!

For if you can laugh along with him till your tummy hurts and your eyes water - rest assured, life will be an easy journey and you will have a good time together, laughing through the hard times.

7. He should be emotionally mature

So many guys out there can’t express themselves or feel the need to hide their feelings, or fear commitment. You really don’t want to mother a grown man, and should wait for someone who can share the responsibilities of a relationship together.

qualities in a man 7

8. He should be passionate in all walks of life

A man devoid of curiosity, of a willingness to discover, learn, explore and live life to the fullest - his constant companionship may just strip you of any taste for life too.

9. He should be a kind-hearted man

‘Coz you don’t want to spend your life with someone who probably knows the value of money but not the value of other irreplaceable things in life - like moments spent, memories made and hearts won.

9 qualities in a man

10. He shouldn’t be insecure or possessive

He needs to trust you and give you your space in your relationship and let you have an identity of your own too. An insecure man would try to clip the wings of your flight, and you really need to steer clear of such negativity.

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