Rad, Jhalla, Enthu Cutlet: 16 Words You NEED To Survive Every Day

Rad, Jhalla, Enthu Cutlet: 16 Words You NEED To Survive Every Day
Ever been with someone and totally missed out on what they were saying, or even worse - completely misunderstood them? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! Most of us are too shy to ask meanings of common terms that we hear so often but don't really understand - and so we bring to you 16 words and phrases that frequent Indian streets and are sure to make you an insider in all convos! (Plus, we're sure you'll agree, they're SO expressive!)

1. Frustoo

Meaning: Frustrated
Used When: Someone's so fancy that frustrated is just too long a word to utter!

2. Jhalla

Meaning: Careless and slightly crazy
Used For: A person who lives like he/ she is above appearances, and doesn’t give a damn about hair flying one way, and clothes going another - even in public!

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3. Enthu Cutlet

Meaning: Enthusiastic
Used For: Someone who is so high on energy and excited AT ALL TIMES that calling him/ her just enthusiastic is simply not enough.

4. Tharki

Meaning: Horny
Used For: That pervy person who is SO sex-starved that the mere sight of woman gets him excited and makes him act creepily.

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5. Thakela

Meaning: Worthless
Used When: The object or person being referred is so below expectations that simply calling him/ her lame does not do justice to, well, his/ her lameness.

6. Phatt gai

Meaning: Done for
Used When: Someone wants to exclaim how they aren’t just afraid, but shitting-in-their-pants, running-for-their-lives scared.

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7. Chindi

Meaning: Miser
Used For: That person who’d rather die than part with his/ her precious, precious money!

8. Dhakkan

Meaning: Idiot
Used When: People want to call an idiot just that, but in a loving, funny, non-serious way. Seriously, who can take offence at dhakkan?!

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9. Kharcha Paani

Meaning: Allowance
Used When: Someone who’s usually in power, bullies money out of you, or demands you to pay them a bribe as the ‘allowance money’ they so deserve!

10. Bhabhi-ji

Meaning: Sister-in-law
Used For: Any woman who is your friend's love interest, and is off-limits to any other guy out there.

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11. Bhaukal

Meaning: Show-off
Used For: Someone who boasts of their superpowers in a group of people ‘coz they wouldn’t believe it otherwise!

12. Tashan/ Raula

Meaning: Stylish
Used For: The Desi Pataka who is killing on any given occasion, and giving all those Bollywood heroines a run for the attention of our boys.

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13. Emo

Meaning: Emotional
Used When: Feelings are extreme, and calling someone just emotional doesn’t make the cut!

14. Ghanta

Meaning: Zero!
Used When: Someone’s bullshitting, and that’s your response...

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15. RAD

Meaning: Radical
Used When: The word radical doesn’t seem as radical as RAD.

16. Zoned

Meaning: In some different state of mind
Used When: Someone’s living in an alternate universe, and is completely out of touch with the present day reality!

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