#AskPOPxo: “How Can I Impress People When My Boss Is Around?”

#AskPOPxo: “How Can I Impress People When My Boss Is Around?”
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Today’s Question: "I have to attend a very important meeting with my boss. How do I sound confident while he is around?"

I am a bit overwhelmed by my boss’ personality and don’t know how to get myself heard while he is around. He is super confident and always overshadows me. What can I do to sound more confident?

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Answer from POPxo team

Dear X,

There is a big difference between being confident and being overbearing or conceited. If you boss belongs to the latter category, you better watch out. A person who is excessively cocksure doesn’t like being proven wrong. And hence, you will have to tread carefully. Do you think your point of view makes more sense than his? Diplomatically point out the facts to him. If he doesn’t listen, don’t go rushing to his superior. You will end up on the wrong side of this guy (and, I’m sure, you don’t want to be there). Instead, keep working at proving your points. Constant prodding will help him see the light.

However, if your boss is simply a confident person, I am assuming it is because he has years of experience ahead of you. You need to raise your voice to be heard. I am a soft-spoken person myself and I know at times it can be hard to get heard. But, every time I make the effort to be heard, I feel my point gets across better. Lose the self-consciousness because this is a competitive work environment. Also, when you deliver your sentences, stand straight and look people in the eye. Don’t slouch. Looking confident is half the battle won!   

Good luck!


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