Made A Mistake? This Is How You Can Bounce Right Back! | POPxo
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Made A Mistake? This Is How You Can Bounce Right Back!

Made A Mistake? This Is How You Can Bounce Right Back!

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. In fact, EVERYONE makes that one blunder that makes them look back and cringe. Instead of beating yourself up over it, though, we think you should embrace your flaws - and move on. Be nice to yourself. Accept your mistakes and go on to bigger and better things. We help you out with a few pointers on how to get right back into the game!

1. Talk It Out

One of the quickest ways of feeling better after making a mistake is talking to your loved one about it. This could be your bestie, your boyfriend, your parents, your pet dog, or just anyone who gets you. Some will listen and some will offer valuable advice. Be open to everything, we say! made a mistake

2. Don’t Dwell On It

The only person who is stopping you from moving on is yourself. Don’t be that person! Give yourself time to vent out, rant and be sullen but not for more than a couple of days. Putting the past aside might not be easy, but engaging in activity that takes your mind off the problem can help you snap back to reality. made a mistake

3. See The Good In Things

Take every mistake as a learning experience. Identify with your mistake and learn to improve on it. That little voice in your heart that also looks out for you? Listen to it and it will always help you make the right choices in life.
made a mistake

4. Nothing Lasts Forever

The problematic phase that you’re going through currently is temporary. Remember that! Let the universe take care of it, because time does heal all wounds. made a mistake

5. Write Your Feelings Down

This may sound childish, but trust us, it works! Grab a piece of paper and put your feelings down. Be honest and give your heart and mind the chance to rant. After you’ve written what’s on your mind, tear the paper or burn it. This might sound filmy, but it will instantly take the weight off your shoulders. made a mistake

6. Accept Your Mistakes

Instead of blaming people for your mistakes, start owning up to them. Keep your ego aside and apologize to the people you’ve wronged. Accepting your flaws makes you a stronger person. made a mistake

7. Think Before You Act

Now that you know the consequences of your mistakes, it would do you good to be a lot more careful with your actions in the future. When life throws you a situation, take some time to analyze it and carefully choose your moves.
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Published on Sep 3, 2015
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