#Aww: This Couple Is Totally Crazy - And Totally In Love!

#Aww: This Couple Is Totally Crazy - And Totally In Love!
We can't even begin to tell you how touching this wedding video is but we're sure going to try! A groom who believes his bride to be the most beautiful woman in the world and promises to love her for the rest of his life  - just like he has until this moment. And a bride who very honestly believes that they're totally mad and totally crazy together - and she wouldn't want to spend the rest of her life any other way! These two were meant to be together and we can tell that by just watching this amazing video. Ashok and Yamini, as far as weddings that make us jealous go, yours is definitely topping the charts! We wish you spend the rest of your life being just the way you are - totally crazy in love!

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