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8 Things You Must Try In Your Relationship (At Least Once!!)

8 Things You Must Try In Your Relationship (At Least Once!!)
Some people describe relationships as predictable and boring, almost making them sound like something you actually get stuck in. But those people are clearly missing the point of being in one! Being in a relationship with someone is like having a constant partner in crime – so you don’t do stupid things alone! It’s like going on a crazy ride, only with your favourite person. At least that’s how we would like to look at it, eternal optimists that we are. There are things you must try in your relationship, at least once. Live a little, no?

1. Go Camping

They say there’s no better way to get to know your partner than out there in the wilderness. Imagine: no option of pre-cooked food, no WiFi, no TV, and no option but to connect with each other. Being one with nature brings out our true colours and it’s a great way to get to know your significant other better. On the bright side, that beautiful mountain air + lush green expanse + the two of you = bliss!
try in your relationship

2. Babysit Together

Do either of you have a niece or nephew? We think it’s time you arrange a play date. Getting together and playing the role of responsible adults is going to be so much fun and eye-opening at the same time. Besides, we are sure you’re pretty curious to test out his daddy skills! ;-) try in your relationship

3. Go For An Exotic Vacay!

We know, we know: parents, pocket money, permissions...too many factors standing between you two and that dream vacation. But girl, we know you are the kind who gets what she wants. Start that part-time job if you don’t have one, save money, book wisely and just go! As for the permission part – are you telling me it’s ever stopped you? Imagine the feeling of a getaway with your man. It’ll be an experience to treasure your whole life. Besides, you might just see an all-new, adventurous side to him. Now won’t that be exciting? try in your relationship

4. Family Time

Now this one is a little risky, as we live in India and that means we have to be super careful as to who we reveal our relationship status to. But if his mom or sister know about the two of you, or if your family knows about him – then that’s awesome news. At least once, you must all hang out together. Make a day of it. Go to the movies, go for a long drive, go bowling – but have a family day. You won’t believe how much closer the two of you will feel at the end of the day, knowing that you've shared just a little more of each other’s lives. Also, it’ll help in the future! (Of course, we’ve thought of that too!) try in your relationship

5. Learn Something Together!

Beyond a certain time span, the most successful couples are the ones that start sharing their hopes, dreams, goals and even hobbies. Based on this observation, we would suggest you sign up for a class together. Always been super-scared of the water? Learn swimming with him! Want to do something less athletic? Join a music class. Not only will this bring you guys closer, it will give you a new skill, which as you already know is a lifelong asset!
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6. Playing Hooky!

Now now, we aren’t exactly delinquents – so trust us when we say that you can only do this once in a blue moon. But blow off all your commitments, bunk college/ work and just dedicate your day to each other. Spend it together at home (ahem), or go avail of happy hours at your favourite bar. But believe you me, this is going to be your most favourite memory ever. The thrill of spending time together when everyone else is going about their day normally is unparalleled! try in your relationship

7. Host Story

Have you ever invited all your friends and played hosts together? It’s something you have to try! It will give you such a feeling of satisfaction to plan out the party, order food, decide the guest list. If you don’t want to do it for no reason then, you could wait for one of your birthdays or your anniversary. But this little insight of how the future will be (married people do lots of such dinners), will give you both that much needed jolt of energy. try in your relationship

8. Handmade Gifts

We are so used to just going to the store to pick out things for each other - or worse, ordering something online - that we have truly forgotten the joy of gifting. We suggest for the next occasion, make it a rule – handmade gifts only! Not only will this bring to life all your latent creativity, but we are also sure this gift will mean more than all the others combined. After all, we are sure it will have taken so much effort! And don’t you worry - the look on his face will make it SO worth it.
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