10 Things To NOT Worry About When Talking To Your Crush!

10 Things To NOT Worry About When Talking To Your Crush!
If you’re conscious, a bit too self aware and overly giggly when your crush is around, you are basically like the rest of us! We know how it can feel when the person you like so, SO much is standing right next to you, and you want to appear all charming and witty, yet it feels like the cat got your tongue! If you just stop worrying about these following things, we promise it will go much smoother next time around!

1. Stop worrying about how you will come across

If you are worried about how you are going to come across, you will come across as a nervous and worried person! Doesn’t make sense, no?

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2. Stop worrying about saying something stupid

Because if Mr Murphy of the infamous Murphy’s Law catches a whiff of this, you know what will happen!

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3. Don’t worry about laughing too much

Like we said, being giggly around your crush is totally natural! If he’s a funny guy, he will appreciate you laughing at his jokes. Besides, happy girls are always the prettiest!

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4. Don’t worry about what others think...

...About you, the guy you have a crush on, or about the fact that you have a crush on him! If you like him, that’s enough – others’ approval is neither required nor desired.

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5. Don’t worry about saying all the right things!

Because really, who is to decide what’s right and wrong? Besides, you have to seriously be superhuman to be the girl who says everything right while talking to her crush!

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6. Don’t worry about him finding out!

If you constantly worry that your behaviour while talking to him will give away your crush on him, you will never be able to have a decent conversation! Besides, if you really think about it, him finding out might lead to more exciting things! So, if it happens organically, let it!

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7. Don’t worry too much about whether he is Mr Right

When you have a crush on someone, it’s only natural to spend many, many hours obsessing over them and thinking about your imaginary future together. But the truth is, you need to get to know him first. You will have plenty of time to decide if he’s really “the one”. As of now, just muster the courage to talk to him and get to know him!

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8. Don’t worry about looking perfect!

Yes, it’s true that when you initially start liking someone, you become very conscious of your own appearance. But think about this – sooner or later, (if you really like this guy and want things to work with him), he’s going to see you stressed, angry and depressed; he’s going to see you sans kajal and makeup; he’s going to see you in casual clothes AND fully glammed up! So, he might as well see both sides of you now too. Keep this in mind the next time you get too conscious about meeting him!

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9. Don’t worry about coming on too strong

Most girls feel it’s better to play it down and be meek – but if that’s not your real personality, please don’t fake it! If you are a confident girl who is sure of herself, then the fact is that he should appreciate you for it!

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10.  Don’t worry about NOT being good enough!

Maybe he’s really, REALLY good looking; maybe he’s the class topper; maybe his ex-girlfriend is a supermodel - irrespective of all this, YOU are good enough! Never, ever doubt that, okay? We are all human and we all have our fair share of good and bad qualities. We bet you have some pretty amazing ones that he can only dream of having! So, don’t go thinking that he deserves better. If it’s meant to be, things will fall into place and the two of you will work out!

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