"Let's DO This!" 19 Things Every Impulsive Girl Will Get!

"Let's DO This!" 19 Things Every Impulsive Girl Will Get!
You know EXACTLY what it means to follow your gut, never really thinking before doing a thing! All those moments when you surprised yourself with your own crazy? Those are what add spark to your life - and you never want to run out of them! If you too ride high on those momentary impulses… we know you’ll feverishly nod to all these things!

1. Being spontaneous is never an issue with you.

“Go with the flow” is, like, your mantra.

impulsive person 1

2. You know never, ever to go into a grocery store when you’re super-hungry.

You end up buying WAY more than is required. “Just give me five kinds of everything!”

3. Your friends always know to count on you for honest, real answers.

It’s almost as though you are acting out everything you feel, but with words!

impulsive person 3

4. When you go out to eat, you often overestimate your hunger.

And end up with 3 starters and 2 main courses for takeaway.

5. You constantly surprise yourself with your own responses to Facebook chats, a few days down the line.

“Did I type that?! Hmmm.”

impulsive person  5

6. You always carry your passport around with you...just in case!

“Coz they were all talking about a road trip, and I just HAD to go!!!”

7. WTF is FOMO, anyway?

You never miss out on anything, after all! YOLO, however - now that word was made for you!

impulsive person 7

8. You loved the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

When Kat said to Hrithik: “Mujhe afsos karna nahin aata”, you were all, like, “Hey, ME TOO!!!”

9. When your friends have a totally crazy idea they need a partner in crime for, they know exactly whom to contact!

Coz they know you’re OBVIOUSLY gonna be down for it. Like, duh!

Impulsive person 9

10. You gallantly exclaimed that you had found the love of your life in fifth grade.

And sixth grade, and seventh grade, and eighth grade...and oo, hello cutie!

11. You’re super-quick at making decisions. And then two minutes later, you’re like, “Wait, who said that?”

Hello -  it’s called impulsive amnesia - you said it!

Impulvise person 11

12. You’re actually super-witty and a quick thinker

Hey, you try having six “foot in your mouth” situations a day trying to control what comes out of your mouth, and you’ll get the hang of it too!

13. You’re the first one to follow a new trend

Flipflops - got ‘em; bangs - got ‘em; skinny jeans - got ‘em. You get the picture!

impulsive person 13

14. You get talked into doing a lot of weird things, like meeting your friends at the waterpark at noon

Because at the beginning, it really DID sound like a good idea. Oh well, now you have an awesome tan!

15. You know that time when you went to go and watch a movie and eat at the mall…

… And randomly come back with a new tattoo!

impulsive person 15

16. Your hair needs a trim?

Might as well get those highlights done!

17. Weekly grocery list: washing powder, shampoo, daal, milk, bread, eggs

You come back with all the above and, you know, Coke, chips, Snickers, a cake mix and oh, look a brand-new loofah!

impulsive 17

18. You totally know what “Buyer’s Remorse” feels like!

That winter jacket you decided to buy, just coz it was on sale….in the middle of JUNE, for example!!

19. You know you’re going to look back on this life with a bagful of memories and a sackful of experiences

But not just yet… after all, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

impulsive 19

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