Me & My Boys: What It's Like To Be The ONLY Girl In The Gang!

Me & My Boys: What It's Like To Be The ONLY Girl In The Gang!
Your crew is amazing, fun, and you guys make the best plans together! The only problem is that they’re all guys, and you’re the only girl in the group! Here are 17 things that you’ll understand when you’re in one!

1. You have the worst nicknames

From Motichur to Afrohead, you’ve had them all.

only girl in your group nickname

2. Most of the time, you’re not really considered a “girl”

You’re, like, just another dude, just another bro.

only girl in your group a 2

3. Except when they need advice about their crushes

THEN, you’re the resident girl expert and agony aunt rolled into one.

only girl in your group please

4. Or when they need to decode the text messages they receive from their girlfriends

Because you’re the only one who can tell them how deep in trouble they are, and exactly which kind of flowers/ chocolate they have to buy if they want to patch things up!

only girl in your group help

5. You’re always the wingman (wingwoman?) at parties

There is honestly only ONE person who can make your boys look impressive to other girls - it’s you.

only girl in your group up

6. You know more curse words than the average girl, definitely

You can curse with your mouth, your hands and, sometimes, even your feet.

only girl in your group swear

7. People often assume you’re dating a guy in the group...

“You’re with them all the time, so I just assumed…” Of course you did!

only girl in your group nicky

8. They also assume that you’re dating the entire group

Three words: ARE.YOU.CRAZY.

only girl in your group lena

9. ALL your crushes are put under a microscope

Even the tiniest of faults are magnified and made to seem like he is undateable! It’s like having an elder brother and multiplying it by 10.

only girl in your group whatever

10. You’re appetite is kinda off the charts

Since you’re constantly eating with boys, your appetite starts to mimic theirs. Not like this is a problem - MORE pizza, thanks!

only girl in your group food

11. You often wish you had girlfriends, at least just to shop with

Shopping with boys can be a total pain, and they insist that you dress up like they do.

only girl in your group help

12. Your guy friends can’t handle it when you dress up

Open jaws followed by “Oh my god!! You look like..a girl!”.

only girl in your group omg

13. Most girls are a bit cautious when it comes to being friends with you

Friendship dynamics between girls are quite different from boys, which is why girls will take a little longer to become your friend.

only girl in your group girls

14. And if they do go out of their way to be your friend…

It could also be because they’re crushing on one of the guys in your gang, and want your help! Go on then, help a sister out. ;-)

gang of boys phoebe

15. No creepy guy ever dares make a move on you in clubs

Because you’ve got your own entire crew of personal bouncers!

gang of boys thor

16. You’re the reason your gang NEVER makes sexist jokes

You’re also the reason they understand feminism.

gang feminist

17. And you’ve spent a lot of time convincing their respective girlfriends that you’re just a friend!

You’ve lost count of the times you’ve said “We’re just friends!” IT’S TRUE, PEOPLE!!!

gang of boys 1

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