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8 Ways To Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It!

8 Ways To Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It!
Much like us women, men too want and need to feel loved and appreciated. However, words don’t always do justice. There are times when just telling someone you love them isn’t enough. You need to see it to feel it! Perhaps that's why the saying “actions speak louder than words” is as popular as it is! Here are a few ways to make your guy feel loved, without actually saying it!

1. Show him some affection in public

If you’re not so much of a PDA person, you don’t have to go all out. Just a subtle hand squeeze or a peck on the cheek will do. Knowing that his girl isn’t afraid to show him some love even in front of people will have him beaming with joy!

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2. Make him feel needed

Now, we know you’re no damsels in distress and are perfectly capable of handling what needs to be handled. But every once in a while, men just like to feel needed! It could be something as small as opening a can for you or something as major as giving his feedback for your presentation at work. Involve him and make him feel like you value his opinion and help.

3. Respect the choices he makes in his life

You’re bound to have a difference of opinion and the way you choose to live your lives. Now, you may not always agree with the choices he makes. But knowing that you can still respect the fact that he chooses to do things a certain way will make him feel loved and cared for.

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4. Show him how attracted you are to him

Don’t let the spark die just because you’re both getting too comfortable with each other! You’re still attracted as hell to him. So, show him as much! Whether it’s by spicing things up in the bedroom or just flirting with him when you’re out together. Let him know you still think he’s a total hottie.

5. Send him a text with an unexpected compliment

Who wouldn’t feel loved and could possibly stop smiling after receiving a completely random, super-sweet text. When he’s not really expecting it, just drop him a text that’ll make him smile!

show him your love

6. Stock up your fridge with his favourite food and drinks!

This is irrespective of whether or not you live together. If you do, he will obviously be overjoyed when he comes back home only to find his favourite things in stock! If you don’t, nothing will make him feel more cared-for and thought-about than finding his favourite drinks and food in your fridge!

7. For a change, dress up just for him

Put on your favourite dress the next time you’re seeing him, OR just put on that sexy lingerie you know you want to put on for him. Seeing you make this effort is bound to make him feel special!

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8. Write (not type) him a nice note

Don’t wait around for a special occasion to write him a card or a note. Write him a sweet note telling him how much you love and appreciate the things he does for you for no particular reason. After all, that's what makes you love him, right? ;)

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