Girl Code: 9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bestie!

Girl Code: 9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Bestie!
We’ve ALL heard of the forever resounding “Bro Code”. There are, however, some sacred rules that apply to us girls, which we must ALWAYS keep in mind. Our besties are the ones who are always there for us. Whether or not anyone else acquires a permanent status in our lives, we know that our bestie already has. So, it is only fair for us to refrain from doing things that could hurt them or our relationship with them. Here are 9 things that are never okay to do to your bestie - at ANY cost!

1. Judge Her

It is never okay, under any circumstances, to be judging your bestie. That's why you’re best friends, right? Whether it’s about their clothing choices, eating habits, who they choose to date or pretty much everything else. Even if it's not something you would do, accept and love them for what they choose to do and who they truly are!

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2. ‘Steal’ Her Friends

Well, of course you’re allowed to become friends with someone you met through her, if you get along with them. But it is not okay to take her out of the equation all together and create your own little gang with your bestie’s other friends.

3. Put Her Partner Down

She is with him for a reason. She probably really likes or even loves him! You might not personally like him, but if she has made a decision to be with someone, the least you can do is be cordial and well-mannered while interacting with them. By insulting him, you're hurting your bestie’s feelings too!

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4. Not Being On Her Side Through A Breakup

You may have become great friends with the guy she was dating while they were together, but hello! Your loyalty still lies with your bestie. No. Matter. What.

5. Being Dishonest About Her Appearance

Come on, don’t let her leave the house if you think she’s looking like a mess. Whether she’s just having a bad hair day, those pants are not ultra flattering on her, or her makeup is done badly - help her fix it! You can only do that if you’re honest in the first place.

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6. Posting Terrible Pictures Of Her On Social Media

YOU may look great, but some consideration, please! She is your best friend, after all. Don’t you want her to look pretty in your pictures too? So, no matter how pretty you look in that picture she doesn’t look great in, you’re NOT gonna put it up on Facebook. Just, don’t!

7. Letting Out Her Secrets

You may just be casually mentioning it to your boyfriend or another friend of yours without any intention to harm. But your bestie did tell you something in confidence and spilling the beans in front of anyone at all is just not cool.

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8. Not Letting Her Have Her Moment

Don’t rain on her parade! If she's having a moment, don’t try and make it yours by trumping her cool story with your “even cooler” one. You may have a great tale to tell, but wait your turn!

9. Dating Her Ex

NO! You cannot. Just cannot. That’s all. It’s just NOT okay. Ever!

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