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#WeAreFamily: This Video Reminds Us What Marriage Truly Is!

#WeAreFamily: This Video Reminds Us What Marriage Truly Is!

At the heart of this warm family affair is the stunning duo of Janice and Paul - a couple whose love has united two families. This wedding video is a beautiful display of family emotion and poignant moments - from a father who tears up at the thought of his daughter leaving home but never fails to smile through the festivities, to a mother who realizes that the groom offers her daughter complete peace of mind, to a younger cousin sister who truly loves Janice and wants her happiness above everything. At one point, she even says everything we wish for this couple, “ I hope they grow old together and live a really good life!” What more can one wish for?! Watch as traditions come to life as Janice and Paul walk hand in hand towards their new life together! PS: Look out for the groom and bride’s priceless expressions as they catch a glimpse of of each other for the first time at the wedding ceremony - major aww moment!
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Published on Jul 13, 2015
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