Chaar Botal...Kya? This Is What Your Fav Drink Says About You!

Chaar Botal...Kya? This Is What Your Fav Drink Says About You!
We all have favourites - not just with cuisines or dishes, but with drinks too! And like all our preferences, our choice in alcohol speaks volumes about us. Accept it, we all have her own signature drink - the one we can’t wait to order the second we enter the bar! So, ladies, be ready to find out what your favourite drink says about your personality!

1. Crystal-Clear Vodka

You really know how to party like a rockstar, girl! Your easy-going personality makes it super simple for people to fall in love with you. You’re a free spirit and you’re always open to experiencing new things.

drink personality vodka

2. The Peg Of Rum

You like to take things slow. You live in an organized fashion and you like having a concrete life-plan in front of you. You like to take time to understand an opportunity rather than jumping right into it. You’re an observant thinker, and that’s how you roll!

drink 2

3. Risque Whisky

You are a tough chick. Confidence and intelligence are two words that define you! You trust your heart when it comes to making decisions, and not anyone else's opinions. You have a big heart, but when someone breaks your trust, you will never take them back. You stand for what’s right and will stay loyal to the people you love.

drink personality whiskey

4. Refreshing Beer

Having a good time in any situation is the priority for you. You forgive and forget within a jiffy! You have a light personality and you gel with anyone and everyone. You have many friends and they love you because you’re such a ball of happiness! You’re a peacemaker and your goal in life is to live it to the fullest!

drink personality beer_360

5. Bubbly Champagne

You clearly have fine and expensive taste. You are a perfectionist by nature. When you live life, you (obviously!) live it queen size. You like having a few close friends, rather than a huge bunch, because you prefer quality over quantity. In short, you’re classy and you know it!

drink personality champagne

6. Delicious Cocktails

Playfulness is in your nature! You don’t drink to get drunk, but drink to enjoy. Positivity runs through your veins. Your presence lends life to the party and people love hanging around you. Hence, you’re always in the limelight!


7. Good Old Gin

Spending quality time with yourself is an absolute priority for you. You are emotional, but you don’t talk about your problems with people till you completely trust them. You like enjoying the journey instead of bothering about the destination. When it comes to making new friends, you take your own time. However, once you’ve made the bond, you want to make it last for a lifetime!

drink personality gin

8. Fiery Tequila

You are a ball of energy! You live life to the fullest and adventure is an absolute must for you! Taking on challenges and risks is something that excites you to no bounds. When life throws opportunities your way, you make the best of it. Go get ’em, tiger!

drink personality tequila_360

9. Cool Jagermeister

Loving yourself and the people around you is all that you're about. You are a great listener and have a constant need for knowledge. You are spiritually and mentally deep and want to know everything and anything about the universe. Observing, making quick conversations and staying positive are your biggest strengths.

drink personality

10. Red, Red Wine

You are a romantic by heart. For the people you care about, you would gladly give up your life. You have an easy-going personality, and that’s one of the reasons why you are always surrounded by people. You adapt really well to change and that very quality makes you have a very versatile approach towards life.

drink personality red_wine_360

11. Exotic White Rum

You are a woman full of mysteries. It’s very hard for people to get into your head. You like keeping to yourself most of the times and will only invest time and energy on someone you think truly deserves your attention. You have high standards and love to set big goals for yourself. You are awesome, and you know it!

drink personality rum

12. Vintage Cognac

Good music and good company are your perfect companions for a good time. You are very comfortable with your identity and will never give it up for anything in the world! You are sensitive to people’s feelings and have a big heart. You are very rarely down, because you’re always in the company of equally affectionate people.

drink 11

13. Classic White Wine

When it comes to making decisions, you’re quite the thinker. You always want to make the best choices. You work hard and party even harder. You know when to put your foot down for something you don’t agree with. People have to think twice before messing with you, because you always know what you want. You go, girl!

drink 13

14. The Constant Switcher

You don't commit to a single favourite drink ever - you like variety! And it's as hard to pin down your personality as it is to pin down your drink. You're a girl who can go with the flow, always - and people find that absolutely fascinating about you!

drink personality last


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