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#LetGo: 10 Things To Stop Worrying About By The Time You’re 25

#LetGo: 10 Things To Stop Worrying About By The Time You’re 25
Twenty-five is a tricky age – you’re still kinda finding your spot under the sun, while you’ve sort of settled down when it comes to certain aspects of your life. This in-between age marks your foray into actual adult life, but that’s no reason to panic or feel bogged down! Even if sometimes you feel like you know too much; other times, it’s just not enough. While we’re all for learning as much as one possibly can, we’ve listed out a few things you absolutely must not worry about at this point in life. Frankly, it’s not worth your time!

1. Not Earning Enough

There are always going to be people/ friends/ colleagues/ cousins who’re going to be earning more than you. And THIS, especially, is not the time for you to worry about money of all things. If you’ve got a job you love and are proud of doing what you do to earn a living, it’s enough reason to be happy!

Things girls should not worry about 1

2. Having A Falling-Out With A Friend

People come and people go. You should learn that by now. Despite your “friends forever” promise, friends do fall out. As long as you have an opinion, you ARE going to have differences. Did you really expect you and your best friend to agree on everything throughout your lives? Some differences get sorted out, some don’t. So, take a deep breath and carry on.

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3. Not Knowing How To Calculate Your Taxes Yet

Don’t be unreasonable. A lot of 30-year-olds too don’t know how to calculate their take taxes or how to get them exempted. You’re not alone. Besides, what are chartered accountants for?

Things girls should not worry about 3

4. Fitting In

You’ve lived enough to have formed staunch likes and dislikes. It’s time you embrace them, because they make you who you are. So, being “cool enough” or being “rad” for your “friends” becomes absolutely unnecessary after a point. True friends stick with you for who you truly are, not if you’re “cool enough” to improve their street cred.

Things girls should not worry about 4

5. Standing Out

So, you don’t like partying, or drinking, or staying up till wee hours of the morning in an endeavour to have a “good time” – it’s all right. You’re different and you’re fabulous for it. Besides, would you really rather be like everyone else?

Things girls should not worry about 5

6. Being The Life Of The Party

Yes, there was a time when a party wasn’t a party till the time you arrived. Well, that time (and age) has now made space for better, more worth-your-time activities. A night in with your significant other and the perfect movie is sometimes way more fun, isn’t it?

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7. Having Enough Instagram/Twitter Followers

Whatever the world may say, your virtual presence does not define you as a person. You may as well have 10 Instagram followers, but still be the most charming and witty person in real life. Does everything you do have to find acknowledgement from strangers on social networking? How did we live when a tweet was just some noise a bird made?

Things girls should not worry about 7

8. Looking Good

We agree, looking good IS great. But it’s so not worth it if you’re not comfortable in your own skin! It’s absolutely all right to put comfort first, because your life just needs you to be more functional through the day. Above all - if you feel good, you look good!

Things girls should not worry about 8

9. The Occasional Zit

Pimples happen. They just happen. In the country and weather we live in – where it’s perpetually HOT and dust just is EVERYWHERE – it’s inevitable for an occasional zit to pop up. If you’re going out and living your life, a pimple is not big enough a reason for you to feel like shit about yourself.

Things girls should not worry about 9

10. A Couple Of Greys

No, you’re not “growing old” - all that’s happening is you’re ageing, like every normal human being. And no, this is not the end of your “good life”. It’s just a grey bloody strand of hair. Must we really make a fuss about a couple of strands of hair being a different colour than the gazillion others? Chill, it’s not the end of the world!

Things girls should not worry about 10

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