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11 Super-Cute & Simple Ways To Make Your Room Look ADORABLE!

11 Super-Cute & Simple Ways To Make Your Room Look ADORABLE!
Who doesn’t want a super-cute room? It’s where we spend so much of our time, so it’s only obvious that we want to make it look as amazing as we possibly can - not to mention, in the simplest way possible! So, if you’re looking for ways to make your room look super cute in the simplest of ways, you’re at just the right place!

1. Paint one wall in a rich colour to add brightness to the room

bedroom decor

2. Fill one wall with pretty photo frames, mirrors or posters

bedroom decor

3. Use a clothesline hanger to hang pictures

bedroom decor

4. Use colourful floor cushions as extra seating

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5. Use fairy lights to add some softness to the room. You could even put them in spare jars lying around the house for some added charm!

bedroom decor

6. Throw in different coloured, patterned or printed cushions onto your bed or couch

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7. Display your accessories in a quirky-yet-cute way. It just adds a little extra sparkle :)

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8. Customise your bed with some amazing bed linen!

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9. Instantly brighten up your room with beautiful hanging lamps!

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10. Add a colourful rug of a completely different yet complementary colour. Colour blocking makes everything look so much better!

bedroom decor

11. Put in a few pretty candle stands or tea light holders to set your room apart.

bedroom decor POPxo Loves: Chinhhari Arts Tribal Wrought Iron Deer Candle Stand (Rs 180) and Sheela's copper finish white glass tea light candle holder (Rs 425) Images: Shutterstock.com MUST-READ: 10 Budget Buys To Spruce Up Your Home MUST-READ: How to Add An Ethnic Touch To a Boring Home. Krsna Mehta Gives You 10 Ways to Jazz it Up!