Do You Have A Future Together? 11 Signs To Look Out For!

Do You Have A Future Together? 11 Signs To Look Out For!
Knowing if your beau is one for the long term is tough, as is sticking it out through the good AND bad times. But as you get closer to “commitment”, the possibility of you getting stuck in the dilemma of him being Mr Right or just Mr Right Now is very, very high. Fret not! If he is showing you these signs, you can probably trust him for the long haul!

1. He is chivalrous

He does little things for you like going to the corner shop to buy chocolates (because you are craving one), or picking up coffee on days you are working from home.

future together

2. He tells you everything

Men usually don’t talk much (relatively), but if you are always the first one to know every titbit about his life, including things like his neighbour bringing home a puppy or if his aunt made him awesome gajar ka halwa, you know you are on the right track (with him)!

3. He's nice to your parents

Guys suck at making a good impression in front of the girl’s parents, but if he is nice to yours and he actually means it, don’t let him go!

future together

4. You are a part of his future plans

From planning a trip to the North-East with you to buying your favourite SUV three years down the line - if you are included in all his future plans, he’s absolutely one to have for life!

5. He gets emotional with you

If you two are best buddies who have not only laughed together on silly jokes but also cried together while watching your favourite movies or while talking about how he misses his father, you can count on him.

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6. He listens to you

When you talk about your dream of a sea-facing house or when you rant about your bitchy colleague for the hundredth time, he just listens, holds you and tries to make you feel better. You wouldn’t wanna let go of that, would you?

7. He is great with kids

Whether it’s his sister’s newborn or the neighbour’s toddler - if he can’t stop cooing the former or playing till he is exhausted with the latter, he’ll be a cute dad when the time comes.

future together

8. He treats your friends like his

Only because he knows they mean a lot to you and are a crucial part of your world. He genuinely cares for you, woman!

9. You can be you in front of him

From not brushing your teeth on Sundays to lying in bed all day during periods - he’s seen you at your best AND your worst, when your guard is not up. And it’s okay. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. Rare; worth cherishing.

future together

10. He respects your space

You can make Friday evening plans with your colleagues, while he would happily watch TV at home, and he’s okay with it. Respecting each other’s space is a sign of a secure, mature relationship.

11. You sleep better next to him

When you have your arms wrapped around him, and slumber just comes running to you, because you’re in your secure space, you know you’re in a relationship that’s worth hanging on to.

future together

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