#Awkward: 9 Women Talk About Their Most Embarrassing Selfies

#Awkward: 9 Women Talk About Their Most Embarrassing Selfies
We all take selfies. And pretty frequently too. But sometimes we try to click ourselves at moments that end up in awkward situations that have us blushing right up to our ears! Today we got 9 women to talk about their most embarrassing selfies - and some of them actually shared the pictures too! :-D

1. “I was trying to send a ‘We FINALLY did it!’ pic to my bestie, and my boyfriend woke up because I’d forgotten to turn off the camera sound.”

2. “My new office is open-plan, and I haven’t got used to it. I looked up from a derp-face Snap I was sending to my friend - and found my boss staring at me.”

FI - embarrassing selfies

3. “I wanted to give the finger to my sister, and accidentally sent the picture to my family group on WhatsApp!”

4. “I was trying to take a pic of me with this awesome ice cream I was having, and then I DROPPED it. Everyone at the parlour turned to stare at me.”

embarrasing selfies 2

5. “Spotted a cute boy behind me and tried to click a selfie without him noticing to send it to my bestie. Turns out he was looking right at me - and the camera!”

6. “I was trying to take a shofie on the road. And someone else walked into the frame!”

embarrasing selfies 3

7. “I wanted to send a selfie of my new haircut to my best friend. Totally didn’t realize there was a woman getting her threading done behind me! The flash was on. The parlour lady jumped, the customer screamed.”

8. “I dropped my phone on my face while trying to take a selfie lying down in bed. I judged myself!”

embarrasing selfies 1

9. “Clicking a selfie while bored and stuck in a traffic jam. Rickshaw-wala on my right staring into my car like I’m the weirdest person ever.”

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