Dating Dilemma: 7 Signs That You Are The Rebound

Dating Dilemma: 7 Signs That You Are The Rebound
Ending a relationship is tough, no doubt, but there’s a difference between starting afresh and going into rebound. Here are 7 signs that might just help you figure out if you are the rebound. 

1. He’s not interested in knowing your unique interests!

You guys might share a mutual love for Indian Chinese or Bollywood masala movies, but the conversation rarely goes beyond that. There’s only so much that a girl can talk can about Gobi Manchurian, man. rebound romance

2. He was newly single when you met.

He was single when you guys got together, yes, but how long had he been single? For about 6 months, or were you the phone call he made as soon as he received the “It’s over” text? If it’s the latter, chances are that you might want to consider composing an “It’s over” text of your own. rebound romance

3. He’s constantly bringing up old memories.

“The cheesecake here is fantastic!” is not the same as “When my ex and I came here couple of months ago, we had the cheesecake, and it was amazing.” rebound romance

4. His social media profile hasn’t changed.

Sure, he was quick to post a cute selfie of the two of you, but for some reason the 50 odd photos of him with his ex making duck faces are still in his profile picture album. rebound romance

5. He compares you with her

Even if the comparisons are compliments, it’s a sign that his ex is still on his mind. In case the guy you’re dating compares you to his ex in a not-so-nice way, we insist that you dump a bucket of ice cold water on his head and break up with him. Like now. 

rebound romance

6. There’s a lot of doing, but not much talking.

Having lots of sex is great, and important in a relationship, but if it’s only sex and nothing much else, it could be a sign that he’s only looking for something short term. This is trouble, yes, but if the sex is really amazing, maybe the two of you could talk about just being friends with benefits instead of trying to force a relationship. Win-win! ;) rebound romance

7. You look like her!

This is a little weird, but also slightly true. If you’re the same build or have the same hair colour or even talk like her, there’s a good chance that he likes you at least partly because you look like his ex. Tell him that if he’s with you only because you look like a girl he was in love with, then you should only be dating Ranbir Kapoor lookalikes! :P

rebound romance

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