sari blouses every woman should own

10 Saree Blouse Designs to Rock the #DesiGirlStyle

Pradipta Sarkar

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Can our wardrobes ever be complete without a selection of the classic Indian sari? Of course not! And what’s the most important thing when it comes to make sure we rock that sari everytime we wear it? The blouse!That’s why we bring you our guide to the most stylish and absolutely essential saree blouses designs that every woman should check out. Those of you who’ve been wondering how to select the right blouse patterns that will showcase your saris (and you!) the best, this list is all you need.

Stunning Blouse Designs to Rock That Saree

1. The Everyday Go-To

If you’re someone who wears saris regularly, then this is something you know already - the basics can save you every single time! Whether it’s a printed cotton or a solid-coloured chiffon you’re looking to rock, a well-fitted red, black or cream can multitask like a boss.sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Studio Shringaar Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 675), Vamas Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,327), Studio Shringaar Sweetheart Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 807)

2. The Formal Full-Sleeved Number

Whether it’s a puja or an office party, there are some occasions when a full-sleeved blouse is essential to add a touch of elegance and gravitas to your look. But just because they’re formal doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy!

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Inblue Fashions Fashion Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,472),  Agarwal Fashion Black Embroidered Velvet Full Sleeves High Neck Jacket Blouse (Rs 1,075), Vamas Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 2,327)

3. The Multicoloured Multitasker

Just like your basic colours can be worn with all your printed saris, a colourful brocade or a rainbow-hued embellished number can help transform your solid-coloured pastel saris into a show-stopping outfit. Go on, give it shot!

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Mina Bazaar Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 2,622), La Firangi Brocade Multi Saree Blouse (Rs 1,699), Vamas Square Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 4,203)

4. Gorgeous In Gold

Whoever said gold is old-school hasn’t met us! What else can give you that gorgeous glow when you’re dressing up for a shaadi or your farewell? But our advice is to cheat a little when it comes to picking a golden blouse - instead of going for an  in-your-face shade, opt for something with tints of copper or bronze for a muted metallic edge, or a blouse with lace panels or crochet detailing to add that extra depth to your look.

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Vamas Gold Lace Crochet Designer Blouse (Rs 2,450), Studio Shringaar Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,325), 9rasa Copper-Grey Poly Brocade Stitched Saree Blouse (Rs 1,399)

5. The Sequinned Shiner

What’s life without a little bling? Boring, right? So are our sari closets without some sequins. Whether you choose to go classic in black or bold in orange or pink, a sequinned or mirror-work number is absolutely essential for some razzle-dazzle!

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Amodini Sweetheart Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,424), Vamas Fashion Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 2,777), Ira Soleil Pink Sequined Stitched Saree Blouse (Rs 841)

6. Blouse design for Chic In Silk

As much as we love our sequins and colour-mixing, here’s a little secret: nothing spells elegance like silk does. Pick up a whole array of silk blouses, we say, to elevate even your basic cotton saris! And don’t forget to bring them out on those occasions when it’s too hot to go through the day in brocade - it’s definitely a comfier option.

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Vamas Purple Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 2,778), 9rasa Round Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,424), Vamas Green Silk Blouse (Rs 2,010)

7. Shimmer In Silver with this blouse pattern

It’s cocktail party time, and you’re stuck for options? There is no going wrong with a simple chiffon that you dress up with a silver blouse. As essential as your basic black, the silver blouse was invented to add that extra dash of glamour to your wardrobe.

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Studio Shringaar Silver Brocade Zari Padded Blouse (Rs 1,695), Amc Brocade Gray Blouse (Rs 1,282), Vamas Square Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,377)

8. Blouse design to Bring The Sexy Back

Let’s face it: a sari blouse is the best chance we have of showing some skin while being totally “appropriate” even in front of our most conservative relatives! So a blouse with a statement back - whether it’s a Bollywood-style almost-backless, a Western-inspired halter or a peekaboo cutout - is a must, must, must-have!

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Rutbaa V-Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,424), 9rasa V-Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,519), Inblue Fashions Boat Neck Women’s Blouse (Rs 1,281)

9. The Cheating Crop Top blouse

For those ladies who don’t wear saris regularly, and getting one seems totally pointless, fear not, there’s something for you too! A little cheating never hurt anyone, so get yourself a pretty little crop top that you can pair with your sari for that special occasion, and then rock every day with palazzos or a maxi skirt!

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Ira Soleil Cream-Coloured Crochet Blouse (Rs 599), Adya Crop Top By Anita Dongre (Rs 1,099), RovingMode Casual Sleeveless Printed Women’s Top (Rs 1,605)

10. Matching Magic blouse design

You might think we’re being a bit old-fashioned here, but there are some saris that need blouses that match them exactly. Yes, it can be a bit annoying because you can’t really pair them up with anything else, but your classic Benarasi or Zardosi or even your contemporary designer number deserves no less.

sari blouses every woman should ownPOPxo recommends: Digging out that “attached blouse piece” you’ve been ignoring and making a quick trip to your favourite tailor!

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Published on Apr 20, 2015
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