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#KissingFrogs: The 10 Kinds Of Guys We've All Dated In Our 20s

#KissingFrogs: The 10 Kinds Of Guys We've All Dated In Our 20s
Dating in your twenties is much like navigating a difficult mountain in the dark without so much as a map. Here are a few potholes and boulders you might have come across on the way. ;)

1. The Douche

The guy we’ve all fallen for despite knowing fully well that he’s the type who’ll treat us like dirt, maybe because we think that we’ll be the one to reform him and show him the power of love! Sorry, ladies, but there’s no changing this one - take it from the rest of us who have had our hearts broken into a million tiny pieces. guys women date

2. The Bad Boy

If he’s not failing in his classes, he’s dropping out of them, and if he’s not breaking speed limits, he’s spending time at the police station. Dating a bad boy is exciting, and gives you an incredible adrenaline rush for sure, but we’re actually patting ourselves on the back for running away from a guy whose future probably involves jail. Or the mafia. guys women date

3. The Broke Guy

He’s cute, he’s smart, he’s funny, but the only dates you guys have are either at home, watching whichever movie is playing on TV and eating cup noodles. He often borrows money from you too. The feeling of having someone depend on you is special, and might even make you feel like the more powerful partner in the relationship, but remember that there is a clear difference between working your way up from the bottom, and freeloading through life. This guy is the latter, and it wasn’t just our hearts he broke, but our bank balance as well. guys women date

4. The Emotionally Unavailable Guy

So distant, so mysterious, and that gorgeous smile (although you can only see it once a week)! This guy talks well, but you can never guess what he’s thinking, and can become moody at the drop of a hat. The mystery might be novel at the beginning, but gets really frustrating really soon. guys women date

5. The Stalker

He knows everything that you’ve been doing across all social networks. He’s the first to comment on your photos on Instagram, the first to like your status on Facebook, the first to reply to your tweets on Twitter, and insists on knowing why you didn’t reply to his texts when your Whatsapp’s “last seen” clearly showed you online at that time. The attention that this guy showers you with makes you feel amazing at the beginning, but casually “dropping in” at the restaurant when you had clearly told him you were spending time with your family? Not so much. guys women date

6. The Drama King

He’s the guy who sends you flowery texts every morning with love quotes instead of the usual good morning like other people. His affinity towards the dramatic, though, isn’t restricted to the ways in which he makes you feel special. The way he gets angry and the way he fights/sulks is consistently dramatic too. Being with him might be exhilarating at the start, but will tire you out before you know it. guys women date

7. The Multiple Personality Disorder Guy

He’s totally sweet, adorable and romantic when he’s alone with you, but the moment he gets in with a group, he’s a completely different person. It’s almost like the guy leads double (or triple lives!). You’ve never been introduced to or hung out with his friends or family either. He might brush it off as no big deal, but this is the guy who’s NEVER going to be honest with you and let you into “his” world. guys women date

8. The Narcissist

This guy is capable of love, all right, but only when the subject is himself. We dropped him the moment he prioritized his gym time over us. guys women date

9. The Man-Child

Messed up hair? Check. Cute boyish smile? Check. Maturity? Nope. This variety of the human male is perhaps the most deceptive of them all. He’s the one who needs everything to be in order, except he’s not ready to do any of the dirty work. He’s also the one who makes you realize you had “maternal instincts” in the first place, when you started running from counter to counter paying his bills and filling up his forms. He says you’re his girlfriend, but in reality, you’re his mom-friend. Grossed out much? guys women date

10. The One

After years wasted in kissing frogs, he finally arrives. Intelligent, adorable, smart, well settled and, most importantly, nice. He’s the one you can’t wait to introduce to your parents, and he’s the one who’ll make you believe in destiny and true love! This is the real deal, ladies, so hang on to him real tight :) guys women date GIFs: Giphy MUST-READ: 6 Reasons To Date Him That Have NOTHING To Do With His Looks

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