adorable wedding photo

Is This The Most Adorable Wedding Photo Ever? Plus: Those SHOES!

Pradipta Sarkar

Managing Editor, POPxo

Listen up, ladies. While you’re all glammed up for your big day, and are having pretty much the best picture ever clicked of yourself, your groom might - just might - up the ante by doing the most absurdly adorable and coolest thing EVER! Meet Waleed Abbasi of Washington D.C., who decided to photobomb his bride Sidra Zahid’s solo shot, warning not even their photographer that this was going to happen.

adorable wedding photo

Once Waheed posted the picture on Reddit, it quickly made it to the front page of the site. And the comments devolved into an amazingly detailed discussion about shoes…

Dude, those shoes are fucking awesome. Where can I get a pair? I'm totally serious, someone give me a link, I'll go find my credit card.

From one man to another, those shoes are, if I may be so bold, fantastic.

You both are incredibly good-looking humans. Plus those shoes though!

Where can I get a set of those dope-ass kicks?

Whoever said men don’t care about shoes was... Just. So. Wrong.

For more adorbs pictures of Waheed and Sidra’s wedding, check out Huffington Post’s piece on them.

Image source: Imgur

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Published on Apr 21, 2015
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