#LDR: 8 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long Distance Relationship

#LDR: 8 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long Distance Relationship
There is nothing easy about long distance relationships. They’re tough - mentally, physically and emotionally. However, if you’re willing to beat the distance, the relationship must truly mean something extremely special to both of you. So do not worry, because there still are plenty of ways for you to keep the romance alive!

1. Become text friendly

Yes, we’re talking cheesy, cute good morning/ good night and in-between texts. Let them know they’re on your mind even though you’re physically apart!

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2. Set some basic rules and work around those

You’re going to want your partner’s attention all the same as when you were at the same place, even though the situation is different. Have a set of ground rules to manage your expectations and avoid getting insecure.

3.Surprise them

Surprise them often whether it’s with little gift packages or hand written letters, even surprise visits!  There really is nothing as romantic as the element of surprise.

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4. Let them hear your voice as often as possible

We’re not saying you need to call them on an hourly basis, but do try to have a real conversation (not over text) as often as you can. It’s understandable that everyone is busy, but whether it’s once a day or once in 3 days, let your partner know that you’re trying your best.

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5. Keep them in the loop

Keep them posted and in on what is happening in your life. It could be about your new boss (whom you hate), your daily fitness regime or the new friends you made at work. Make them feel involved and a part of your new life.

6. Try and do things together

It could just be playing a game online or watching a show, but do something that you both enjoy and can still enjoy together while you’re apart.

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7. Plan your visits

While surprising them is great, you both need something to look forward to. There could sometimes be a long gap between when you can meet each other and in such scenarios, having at least a rough idea about when you’re going to see each other could help.

8. Fix a date night!

As busy and involved you may be in your new lives, dress up and make sure you have date night at least once a week! Skype, Facetime or use any other forms of video chat. Seeing each other in person, even if not in actual flesh and blood can do wonders for the heart.

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