fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

#GirlsNightIn: Fun Stuff You MUST Carry For Your Sleepover

Sharon Alphonso

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Pulling an all-nighter at your bestie’s place? Been planning on this night to happen for a while now? While you’re super excited about this sleepover, we think it’s time for you to pack some cool things in your backpack so that you can make the night a lot more memorable. So, ready to rock the night? Here’s some fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover.

1. A Crazy Playlist!

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

Music is what keeps any party going. That’s why you need to carry a kickass playlist with you! Create a party mix of your favourite Bollywood and Hollywood tracks, connect it to your device, and you’re ready to boogie the night away!

2. Portable Speakers

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

Once you have put together your playlist, you need to put it on. That’s why it’s important to pack your mini portable speaker and music player to keep the night alive. These babies are perfect for the room, and produce decent sound. Just make sure you don’t blast them too loud or else the neighbours will start complaining!

3. Uber Fun Board Games

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

For a super fun night, you HAVE to carry a board game with you. It could be Uno, Pictionary, Scotland Yard, or even Twister! These games require teamwork, strategy and are super fun to play with when you have many people around.

4. Cute Polaroid Camera

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

There’s a huge difference between clicking a picture from your phone, and doing the same with a camera. When you use a camera the experience is way more fulfilling. Get a polaroid camera and go on a clicking spree with your favourite girlies! Since it clicks and prints instantly, you better have a scrapbook ready!

5. At Home Spa Products

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

If you’re spending the night with your favourite girlies, you might as well do something all girls LOVE to do - give each other a makeover! It’s fun, interactive and you might even pick up a tip or two. Carry face masks, lipsticks, blushes, foundation creams, makeup brushes and you’re good to go! Speaking of makeup and spa products, we LOVE this uber cool Mtv Muah by Blue Heaven Punk Kit, this chic Maybelline Ultimate Make Up Kit, this super organic Khadi Herbal Spa Kit, and this natural Ayurvedic Facial Box.

6. Fun Movies

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

If you don’t have grand plans that involves music and dancing, why not plan a movie marathon? Here are some time tested ones that you and the girls will love watching - Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, The House Bunny, 27 Dresses, The Proposal, What Happens In Vegas, P.S. I Love You, She’s The Man, Aquamarine. Do we need to mention the need of buckets and buckets of popcorn?

7. Yummy Desserts

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

To beat those midnight hunger pangs, we suggest you carry a box of yummy desserts. Trust us, your friends will love you for this! A slice of cake, a box of assorted cupcakes, or even a slab of yummy chocolate chip ice cream should be divine.

8. A Bottle of Whisky!

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

Or whatever else floats your boat. Believe it or not, but booze can totally revv up your party! That’s when the night turns crazier, secrets spill, and you bond more with one another. Whether you drink or not, we guarantee that the night will be an epic and memorable one!

9. Your Essentials

fun stuff you must carry for your sleepover

Yep, ladies, the last thing that should be on your sleepover checklist are your personal essentials. This should include your toothbrush, pads, floss, skincare kit, an extra pair of clothes and underwear, and a little first-aid kit for emergencies.

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Published on Apr 02, 2015
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