#HighFive: 30 Battles You've Won Without Even Noticing!

#HighFive: 30 Battles You've Won Without Even Noticing!
Life isn't the smoothest ride, and it's very easy to get bogged down by all the stuff that goes wrong every day, from work woes to relationship troubles to even glitches while running your household. But guess what? It's not all bad - you win just as many battles as you lose. Today we bring you 30 reasons to celebrate yourself - because each of these times, you've WON.

1. When you were totally broke but still made rent.

2. When the autowallah asked you for 100 rupees to travel a 5-kilometre distance and you told him: "Meter se chalo" - and he said okay.

3. When you were feeling really broke, and discovered a 500-rupee note in the pocket of your jeans or an old, unused purse. #GiftFromYourPastSelf

everyday wins (8)

4. When you managed to smack the set-top box enough times to get it to start working again.

5. When you managed to apply for and successfully get your passport/ PAN/ Aadhar card.

6. When you cooked yourself a meal without burning anything. And the salt was perfect too.

everyday wins (5)

7. When you drank whisky, tequila, beer, wine, vodka at the same sitting and survived.

8. When you managed to NOT send that drunk text.

9. When you realized that he loved you even if he didn't know it yet.

everyday wins (6)

10. When you aced that interview and got that job.

11. When you babysat your cousin's kids and managed to get them fed and into their beds without having to call your mom for help.

12. When you managed to not flunk that paper even though you weren't sure you'd even understood the questions.

everyday wins (4)

13. When you told you were feeling embarrassed about not making as much as your cousins but your parents randomly told you they were proud of you.

14. When that perv tried to grope you and you stood up to him.

15. When the guy you kinda liked surprised you by saying something supremely sexist and you called him out on it.

everyday wins (9)

16. When you walked out of that relationship because it was going nowhere, even though your heart was breaking.

17. When you made the server take back the plate of soggy fries and get you a fresh batch.

18. When you heard people gossiping about you and you decided that you weren't going give a damn.

everyday wins (1)

19. When you won the argument with customer services and got your shit done.

20. When your fave Bollywood actor’s movie just released, and you won free tickets on a radio show that you’d called in at only because you were stuck in traffic.

21. When you went to Subway and realized that the sub you’d been craving was the Sub of the Day.

everyday wins (2)

22. When you go onto the metro or train and found an empty seat.

23. When you realized there were enough points on your Payback card to buy that bag you’d been lusting after.

24. When you resisted the urge to take a drag of that joint even though everyone else was smoking it.

everyday wins (7)

25. When your waitlisted train ticket got confirmed!

26. When you were stuck in traffic and worrying about missing your flight, and you got a text saying flight delayed by an hour.

27. When your friend gave you the dress she didn’t quite fit into, and it fit you perfectly.

everyday wins (10)

28. When you got stranded in the middle of nowhere and a policeman actually helped you.

29. When you moved to a new city and made some great new friends.

30. When you woke up in the morning and realized that your new haircut, despite your misgivings, looks pretty amazing.

everyday wins (3)

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