Getting Cosy? 17 Awkward Things That Happen On A Movie Date!

Getting Cosy? 17 Awkward Things That Happen On A Movie Date!
Movie dates! We’ve all been on our fair share of these. And we’re all familiar with the excitement of knowing that your date is going to be just a few inches away from you for the next few hours, in pretty much total DARKNESS! If you know what we’re talking about, here are 17 awkward things that always happen when you're trying to get cosy on a movie date!

1. Are we going to share the popcorn or not?? Damnit, should’ve bought my own tub!

2. I need to go pee, but it’s juuust getting cosy, do I really have to leave NOW! :(

movie date 2

3. Oh, I thought he was reaching for my hand. Fine, guess he likes his coke better!

4. He just took a sip from my straw… guess we’re at that point now ;)

5. Aww .. he’s put his arm around me. But, wait, I can’t move my head. Is his watch tangled in my hair. Oh god, way to kill the mood ...

movie date 4

6. So glad we decided to share the popcorn, and I love how it keeps giving me an excuse to keep brushing against his hands ….

7. Uh oh, this sex scene is really heating up! Should I turn to look at him, or should I just stare ahead at the screen. What if he’s expecting to kiss me? Soooo awkward!

8. Hmm.. Are we ever going to do more than just hold hands! ...

movie date 20

9. He’s been holding my hand for so long, I think it’s gone to sleep… I really need to move it, but how do it without sending the wrong message!

10. I’m pretty sure there’s no one I know in the cinema, oh wait, isn’t that my neighbour’s son...and who’s that hottie he’s with??

movie date gif9

11. Hmm.. I wonder who could be texting him right now. He’d better NOT reply!

12. Oh no, I just split some of the coke on his pants. Should I offer to dab it with a tissue or will that be really weird!!

13. Can’t believe he laughed at that! It really wasn’t funny at all…

Movie Date 13

14. Wow, it’s finally happening, he’s leaning in… I have butterflies in my stomach!!

15. … But my breath smells like popcorn!!

Movie Date 15

16. I just can’t help feeling that the row behind can definitely see this! I can’t turn around now till the movie’s over!

17. Okay, that was actually pretty awesome. Sad I missed most of the second half of the movie though.

movie date 18

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