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#TravelBug: 11 Tips to Stay Safe When You’re Travelling Solo


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Being on your own when you’re travelling can be an intimidating idea. But you don’t need to worry, we give you 11 tips to keep you safe if you’re going solo. Keep these in mind, and go travel, girl!

1. Research your destination thoroughly

Along with places to stay at and places to visit, make a list of all the areas you should avoid. Read up on safe routes too.

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2. Keep copies and scans of ID docs

Make copies of all identity documents and tickets and keep a set in your luggage bag. It’s also a good idea to scan your ID docs and email them to yourself as well as your family or a friend. That way, if you were to lose your tickets, you would not be completely stranded.

3. Your “check-in” status

It’s always advisable to let someone trustworthy know where you are going, and when and how you plan to get there. Once you reach, make sure you let your folks know so that they don’t freak out because you forgot to call!

4. Keep track of your belongings

Avoid carrying anything in your back pocket (especially your cellphone and wallet). Not only could they fall out of your pockets, but that’s also super-risky because it’s easy for someone to just snatch it out. If you’re carrying a camera, make sure the strap is around your wrist or neck. Hold your bag close to your body - and make sure it's zipped shut at all times!

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5. Don’t show off

Avoid people finding out that you have a lot of cash on you, or expensive gadgets. If you’re carrying expensive jewellery (in case you’re travelling for a wedding or something), check with your hotel if they have safety deposit box and make use of it.

6. Keep an ear open for strange sounds

Listening to music while walking around makes you less aware of your surroundings and increases the odds of people sneaking up to you - whether it’s someone who’s looking to run off with your stuff or is a creepy groper type. Check before reaching for your earphones.

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7. Carry the business card of the hotel

Take down personal details of the manager or a senior staff member. In case you get lost or find yourself in some kind of trouble, you should be able to call them to help out.

8. Keep an eye on your food and drinks

Never accept food or drinks from strangers, no matter how “safe” they seem. And if you are out at a restaurant or a bar, never let your drink out of your sight. If you have to take a loo break, and have not finished your drink yet, don’t leave it untended at the table. Either finish it or abandon it.

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9. Lock up

Before heading out of your room, or even before you go to sleep, make sure all doors and windows are locked! No matter how much you like the night air, it’s not a good idea to leave the window open if it’s not a grilled one.

10. Dress appropriately

Take a cue from what the local women wear. You don’t have to cover up from head to toe, but it’s a good idea to carry a wrap or a stole to use as a cover-up while you’re travelling, or if you feel uncomfortable about unwarranted attention from strangers.

11. Be alert!

Be on your guard, and use your discretion when you’re out and about. And be careful not to get too inebriated. But above all, be confident - and you will have an amazing time, we promise!

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Published on Mar 25, 2015
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