9 Things Men Assume Women Find Sexy, But We (Really!) Don't

9 Things Men Assume Women Find Sexy, But We (Really!) Don't
Dear men, please read this list. Some of the things that you think are sexy - and make us want you more - are in fact big turn-offs and rub us completely the wrong way. These, FYI, are things women dislike, no matter how cool you think you're being!

1. Showing Off That “Bod”

Unless you have a body like Hrithik Roshan’s, wearing super-tight clothes are a big no-no! Keep the dressing classic and let your personality do the talking. Trust us, if you focus on getting the attitude right, she will try her best to like you!

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2. Being Too Much of a “Player”

At first, the chase is fun, but no one wants to be left hanging without getting anything real in return. Men who just lead women on are not sexy. If you’re not sure about her, just be honest and move on, please. She deserves to be with someone who really cares about her!

3. Cracking Mean Jokes

Don’t try to win our hearts by breaking someone else’s! We love funny men, but don’t do it at the expense of your friends, your boss or your ex-girlfriend.

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4. Flashing Your Cash

A little wining and dining never hurts, but don’t make EVERYTHING about the money! Yes, we love being pampered, but showering us with goodies and no actual love is very annoying. Plus, we don’t mind going Dutch - just ask! :)

5. Boasting About Other Women Who Want to Get With You

We like that other women find you attractive. But we don’t want to know all the gory details about your past and how many women are dying to be with you. We are, after all, looking for exclusivity - and someone who makes us feel like we might just be the only woman in the world!

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6. Blaring Music From Your Car

Yes, we know you love your car and have a kickass sound system, but we’d rather not go deaf in the course of one date!

7. Getting Into Fist Fights And Going All “Bollywood” On Us

It’s true that every woman wants to feel protected and secure, but we also don’t want to date someone who’s super short-tempered and loves a good fight (for no reason!!). It works in movies, not in real life. You’re much more likely to end up with a broken hand or a black eye!

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8. Literally (!) Hanging On To Us

Guys, if we’re moving away from the constant arm-rubbing and back-stroking, PLEASE take a hint. Wanting to get physical is a two-street, and no girl likes any unwanted touchy-feeliness.

9. Being Too Possessive

Much as we like sharing the deets of our workday or weekend with you, we don’t like it when you want to know each and every little fact about where exactly we were and with whom and for how long. Back off, please.

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