#BreakUp: 12 Signs It's Time to Have "The Talk"

#BreakUp: 12 Signs It's Time to Have "The Talk"
No relationship is free from fights and disagreements - even the perfect ones (though we highly doubt there is a perfect relationship) have bad days. But how do you know whether you’re just going through a rough patch, or if you really should call it quits? We help you figure out whether you’re in a dead-end relationship - if you’re experiencing these problems, it’s probably time you rethink things and make sure you’re not wasting your time.

1. There’s a definite lack of communication

Remember when you couldn’t stop texting each other and could stay on the phone for hours together? Now your relationship is a complete opposite of that time where you both barely exchange a few words in a day.

Signs You Need To Break Up

2. You find yourself bored around him.

When you’re together, there are plenty of long silences that are more awkward than comfortable.

3. You make excuses to get out of spending time together.

You’ve been planning way more girls’ nights than before.

4. You fight over EVERYTHING.

Fights are normal but the frequency of your arguments has definitely skyrocketed. The two of you pick fights over little things and small issues turn into big showdowns, which isn’t healthy at all.

Signs You Need To Break Up

5. Little things about him have started annoying you.

All his habits that you found cute in the beginning are now getting on your nerves. From the things he says to his knack for humming his fave tune while driving, you can’t help but get irritated.

6. You don’t talk about the future.

Maybe it’s because neither of you are sure of the other, or you both are pretty non-committal - in any case this should raise alarm bells.

7. You’ve caught yourself flirting with other guys.

Even if it is just accepting an innocent drink at a bar.

Signs You Need To Break Up

8. You feel kind of blah about sex.

You find yourself coming up with excuses to avoid physical intimacy because you’re just not feeling it.

9. You couldn’t be bothered to plan out romantic getaways and dates.

You’re just not interested in keeping the spark alive.

Signs You Need To Break Up

10. There’s no trust.

You keep secrets from each other - jealousy and lack of trust are a few ways to describe your relationship if you had to be honest with yourself.

11. You don’t want to make an effort.

When it comes to having dinner with his family, or accompanying him to a work event, you just aren’t enthusiastic as before.

12. You’ve considered breaking up a few times.

Constant breaks and patch-ups just create more and more cracks in your relationship.

Signs You Need To Break Up

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