Crushing On Your Bestie’s Boyfriend? Here's What Happens! | POPxo
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Crushing On Your Bestie’s Boyfriend? Here's What Happens!

Crushing On Your Bestie’s Boyfriend? Here's What Happens!

He’s so cute, he’s so funny, he’s so smart...and he’s your best friend’s boyfriend. Sigh. Here's what happens when you are crushing on your bestie's boyfriend! 1. You find yourself wanting to be the kebab mein haddi, just so that you can spend some extra time with him. bestie's boyfriend 1 2. You sometimes bump into them “accidentally” on their dates…
bestie's boyfriend 2 3. When you’re with your bestie and she’s on the phone with him, you insist on talking to him as well. bestie's boyfriend 3 4.  ...and end up speaking for longer than your bestie did. bestie's boyfriend 4 5. You blush when his name comes up in random conversationsbestie's boyfriend 5 6. ...and when your friends ask you about him, you say that the two of you are “really good friends.” bestie's boyfriend 6 7. You have a nickname for him which you think is cuter than your bestie’s nickname for him. bestie's boyfriend 7 8. You also find yourself actively pursuing other guys because, heart of hearts, you know that you will never get what you really want. bestie's boyfriend 8 9. You become more moody because you’ve been unable to confess about your crush to the one person you tell everything to - your bestie! bestie's boyfriend 9 10. You’ve actually thought about telling your bestie that you’re totally in love with her boyfriend…
bestie's boyfriend 10 11. ...but you know you’ll never open your mouth about it, no matter how much you like him… bestie's boyfriend 11 12. ..because no friendship is worth breaking up over a boy! Sisters Before Misters, everyone! bestie's boyfriend 12 GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: 12 Things You Should Never Say to Your Bestie’s Boyfriend! MUST-READ: 16 Things That Happen When Your Bestie Gets a Boyfriend
Published on Mar 13, 2015
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