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#POPxoLifestyle: Our Top 14 Lifestyle Stories of 2014!

#POPxoLifestyle: Our Top 14 Lifestyle Stories of 2014!

As we leave 2014 in the past altogether and gear up to tackle the coming year, we invite you to take a trip down memory lane with us. These are our lifestyle stories that you, dear readers, loved the most over the last year. Sit down with a cup of coffee, and read them again…

1. 7 Things Most Men Want But Are Too Shy to Tell You

top lifestyle stories 1Sometimes men feel shy too. And, just like us, they feel vulnerable. Here are a few things that he’s probably shying away from saying out loud…

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2. 10 Things No One Tells You about Losing Your Virginity

top lifestyle stories 2Having sex for the first time is like a roller-coaster ride – you’re excited, you’re apprehensive, you’re full of second thoughts! Here are a few things to know as you as you make your foray into a whole new world...

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3. 11 Signs That He Is Mr Right for YOU!

top lifestyle stories 3While every woman has a different idea of The One, there are a few solid signals that tell you he’s a keeper. He may not be Mr Perfect, but these are the signs that he is Mr Right for YOU.

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4. #Oops: 18 Lies We Have All Told Our Parents As Teenagers!

top lifestyle stories 4We all love our folks. In fact, we love them so much that we don’t want them to think of us as anything other than their innocent darlings who can do no wrong. And so, to keep their illusions intact, we lie!

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5. #BucketList: 20 Things You Should (Ideally) Do Before Getting Married

top lifestyle stories 5There are many considerations that come into play when you’re getting married, but we thought we would make you a bucket list of things to try out while you’re still un-hitched!

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6. #SexCommandments: Dos and Don’ts for Every Girl Who Is Getting Some

top lifestyle stories 6Sex is a wondrous thing. And if you’re having lots of it, then more power to you! But there are some very, very important things to keep in mind while you’re out there getting yourself some action.

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7. 25 Things Every Girl Thought Would Happen By the Age of 25, But Did Not.

top lifestyle stories 7Between pesky bosses, combatting parental pressure to get married and scrambling for time to meet your friends and everything in between, it’s hard to keep your life plan on track! Here’s the reality check we all got…

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8. What Not to Say to a Woman on Her Period!

top lifestyle stories 8To make our That Time of the Month just a wee bit easier for us – and also for all the men in our lives – we drew up some guidelines for what not to say to a woman on her period…

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9. 8 Types of Men You Should Never Date - Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

top lifestyle stories 9While dipping your feet in sea constantly to find “The One” is the logical thing to do, there are a few types of men you should never date if you don’t want to be tearing your hair out in frustration!

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10. 11 Things a Single Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of. No Matter What.

top lifestyle stories 10Singlehood. It’s a state of being, not a disease. Whether you’re waiting for the right person for you to walk into your life, or you just enjoy being by yourself, there are certain things you should never be ashamed of.

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11. 25 Ridiculous Things Women Secretly Worry About

top lifestyle stories 11No, we’re not crazy or neurotic. These are normal thoughts that we have throughout the day. Yes we know, it’s not easy being us!

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12. 10 Things You Should Do with Your Girlfriends Every Year

top lifestyle stories 12These are the women who are our soul sisters, wingwomen, drinking partners, shoulders to cry on, life coaches, family... And here’s how to make them feel special.

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13. 30 Skills to Learn Before You Are 30

top lifestyle stories 13This is a list of things you NEED to do before you turn the big 3-O. Some are essential, some lots of fun and some will help you navigate life like it’s a dream. Read on… Better yet, bookmark away!

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14. #MorningAfter: Things a Bride Thinks on the First Day After the Wedding

top lifestyle stories 14You’re finally married. And you no longer have to stress about planning a big fat wedding and behave like a bridezilla. You’ll be surprised at how different and exciting this new phase feels!

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Published on Jan 2, 2015
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