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 #BestieLove: How to Have the Most Epic Girls' Night Out!

#BestieLove: How to Have the Most Epic Girls' Night Out!

Have you been dreaming about an epic girls’ night out? Do you want the night to be crazy yet memorable at the same time? For that to happen, you need to have a good plan. The kind that is favourable for everyone - you AND your besties. Here’s how to go about it!

1. Decide on a Place Based on Your Girlfriends’ Interests

 night out

Remember, it’s not just you who wants to have a good time, your peeps want the same as well. Pick a place that is liked by all. It could be a party near an exotic pool, a fancy club, a posh restaurant or even your home. Once you’ve finalized on a place, the next logical step to do is book it! (Unless you want the manager to rain on your parade by shunning you girls away because the place has already been booked by someone else.)

2. Invite the Right People

 night out

Avoid inviting random people to the party. Make sure that whoever you’re inviting is on the same page with you and your other friends. No grudges, no envy, no bad-mouthing and, lastly, no jealousy. The last thing you want to do on this night is to stop having fun or get into a cat fight!

3. Get Clicking

 night out

To make your night even more memorable, you have to take pictures of it! Get that selfie stick out and go on a massive clicking spree. Get selfies of all of you decked up, raising your glasses in the air, and also embarrassing, tipsy ones!

4. Have a No-Phone Rule

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We get that you’re a busy bee or possibly addicted to your phone, but for one night - just one night - you have to put it away (except for when it's selfie time!). It’s all about having a good time and catching up with your friends. Once you’ve adopted this rule, your job is to coax the rest of the girls to do the same. Texts and calls from your bosses, crushes, exes, parents, boyfriends and the rest of the world can wait. This night should be only reserved for the special ladies in your life.

5. Dance the Night Away

 night out

You are going out to have fun, and that’s what you should get. Even if you’re horrible at dancing, get up and shake a leg. Pull your friends in to join you and dance till your feet hurt. Dancing is not only extremely fun but also takes your mind off so many things. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the dance floor and boogie!

6. Get a Little Tipsy

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We’re not encouraging you to get drunk, but a little bit of tipsiness hurts nobody. Let your problems take a backseat for the moment and simply enjoy the night. Just make sure that while you’re having a ball, you keep a tab on your drinks. You don’t want any random stranger messing with your drinks now, do you?

7. Be the Game Planner

 night out

If your fave girls and you are having a house party, you better have some killer games to go along with it. Games like Twister, Pictionary, Uno, Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare, Dumb Charades and many such others were invented for this very purpose! Make sure your music system is on and your drink is in your hand while playing these games. (The more tipsy you get, the more interesting the game becomes!)

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Published on Jan 19, 2015
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