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How to Have the Best Day Ever - Today, Tomorrow and Every Other Day!

How to Have the Best Day Ever - Today, Tomorrow and Every Other Day!

We often blame others for pretty much everything. But the truth of the matter is that we are responsible for our own happiness. And today is the day you decide to take matters into your own hands. Here is how you can have the best day ever - today and every other day!

1. Breathe

I do not say this lightly. Stop whatever you are doing right now. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Feel your shoulders relaxing. Repeat it a few times. Do this often. Get in sync with your breathing - it will make everything so much easier.

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2. Make a To-Do List

Don’t underestimate the utility of putting down everything you have to do on paper and then ticking off as things get accomplished. Set aside an hour to list out everything you need to do today, this week, and the things you would like to do in the future. Stuff you worry about - list them out. It’s like giving up all your worries to the universe. You also get the mind-space to think of solutions.

3. Sort Out Your Calendar

If you are disorganized, then everything will begin to stress you out. Put your schedule on your calendar. Then see the gaps and make dates with people you haven't seen for a while.

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4. Clean Out Your Inbox

Read, respond, action, delete. It is easy to do. Instant sense of accomplishment guaranteed.

5. Quit Worrying

Easier said than done - right? But not impossible. Finish this sentence: I worry about… Now write down three things you can do today to alleviate it. If there is nothing you can do - say a quick prayer to the universe and let it go. Attempting to control everything is a recipe for failure.

6. Exercise

Nothing makes us feel more virtuous than exercising first thing in the morning. It sets up the day on a positive note of accomplishment. Go for a run.

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7. Be Proactive

Plan on doing your very best at work. Whatever you have been procrastinating about, tackle it. A can-do attitude is infectious.

8. Live in the Moment

We spend the day rushing from A to B. It makes us frantic. Whatever you are doing at a given moment - give it your full attention. It may be as simple as asking your son how his day at school was. Crouch down, look at him and ask. Wait for him to respond. Be present.

9. Smile

The simple act of smiling often has a beneficial effect on our mood. It prompts others to smile back.

10. Meet a Friend For Lunch or Coffee

Call up a good friend and step out to catch some grub, or a quick cup of coffee. Simply reconnecting with someone you care about will make you feel loved and wanted.

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11. Commit to a Positive Attitude

No negative talk, no bitching your frenemy out. No criticizing your partner. Spend one day as Little Miss Sunshine. Practice kindness.

12. Watch a Comedy

Step into a make-believe world for an hour and a bit. Laugh out loud. Make it a date - with your kids, your parents, your partner, or your friend.

13. Say I Love You

Affirm your love to the people who matter. Give them a hug. Believe that you are loved.

14. Have an Early Dinner and a Quiet Night In

Put the phone away. Step away from the laptop. Cook your favourite meal. Savour it. Follow up with a leisurely bath. Cleanse your face, apply some eye cream and a nourishing face serum. Pick up a favourite book and call it an early night. Don’t forget to thank the universe.

best day ever

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