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#DoNotRepeat: 15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

#DoNotRepeat: 15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

We all make mistakes in life. The trick is to pick yourself up and learn from your errors. We bring you a list of silly life mistakes we've all made... It's time to promise yourself that you aren't going to repeat them!

1. Dating the Wrong Guys

We have all been guilty of this one at some point of time or the other. And when things got really bad, we stared at the mirror and wondered: “How did I not see that one coming?”

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

2. Letting a Good Guy Go

You meet the perfect guy - he is caring, sensitive, and loving in every way possible. But then you go and do something stupid and are left with nothing but regret. This mistake is more tragic than anything else. Maybe dealing with such situations is exactly what ice cream was invented for.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

3. Friend-Zoning a Guy Friend

That wonderful guy, who’s your best friend, and will do anything to see you smile? Yes, he’s into you. You know. You probably could have been with him, had you not friend-zoned him!

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

4. Bitching about a Friend

You’ve bitched about a friend and your friend has probably bitched about you. That might be how human beings are programmed - but that is also how you lose your besties!

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

5. One (More) Last Drink

A classic mistake that has resulted in many hangovers and many unspeakable mistakes. When you think you’ll have one last drink - don’t.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

6. Bad Habits

Whether it’s smoking or simply biting your nails, these bad habits are almost impossible to break out of - if you're not willing to work really, really hard. One almost wishes one could go back in time and give one's former self one tight slap, just when one started doing these things for "fun".

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

7. Letting Your Temper Get the Better of You

Anger clouds one’s judgement, often leading people to taking rash, uncalculated and simply stupid decisions that can end perfectly good friendships or even working relationships.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

8. Thinking We Make No Mistakes

This could become your Achilles' Heel if you don’t open you eyes to the possibility that you too can make mistakes!

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

9. Looking for Shortcuts

Shortcuts often leave you stranded on dirt paths that are hard to travel. And we mean that metaphorically. Trust in yourself and learn to appreciate the joys of taking the long road to your dreams.

10. Forgetting to Enjoy Life

All work and no play - that’s not the kind of life you imagined for yourself, did you? Work hard through the week, and reserve one day out of seven just for yourself - to chill, relax, have fun and enjoy!

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

11. The Walk of Shame

Whether it was a one-night stand or a really embarrassing time between the sheets with an ex you truly despise, we’ve all felt that burst of guilt and humiliation the morning after. We’re not saying don’t "do it" - just make sure you do it with someone you're comfortable with so that you feel happy the morning after too.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

12. Talking Too Much and Not Listening

You can’t become someone’s true friend by always expecting them to be there for you and never really doing the same for them.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

13. Overreacting

Whenever you feel like punching the crap out of someone, pause, breathe, think about what you are about to do, and come up with a better solution.

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

14. A Bad Hair Cut

We’ve all admired some funky haircut in a fashion magazine and gotten the same exact thing done. Except the results weren't quite as pleasing. The good thing is that bad hairdos grow out - and one couldn't be more thankful for that!

15 Mistakes We All Make in Life

15. Not Learning From Past Mistakes

Learning from our faults is what makes us better human beings. Give up that pride and start taking stock of everything you pile up!

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Published on Jan 5, 2015
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