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What Does Your Fave Colour Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Fave Colour Say About Your Personality?

Now, folks, a black-and-white world be rather boring, wouldn't it? Colours define things, give them identity. We all have our favourite colours, and we like to own things coloured in our pet hues. But it figures that colours have more to them than just brightening up the world. Your choice of colour can reflect your vibe, personality and lifestyle preferences. Don’t believe us? Let us take you on a little tour around the world of colour psychology.

1. True and Blue


You’re an extremely witty, sophisticated, calm and bright individual. You have good taste in music, food and fashion. You’re a very good judge of character and are not hasty about trusting people. You have a select group of friends whom you unflinchingly support and vouch for. You like the fine things in life and will go to any length to get what you want.

2. Yellow, But Not Mellow


You have a fun, dynamic and vibrant personality. You attract positive energy and look for happiness in the smallest things life offers. You always look to make other people happy too. You’re the life of the party, and the best part is that people love partying with you! You rarely need people to cheer you up and are independent and self-sufficient.

3. Prettily Pink


Your entire persona is strongly rooted in your femininity. You are sophisticated, and can occasionally be a bit haughty. You are selective about your friends and acquaintances. Being sensitive, you often struggle to deal with your emotions. A romantic at heart, you will never give up on true love.

4. Queen of Green


You have an eye for detail and appreciate aesthetic beauty. You are charismatic and possess a good heart. People like hanging out with you because you’re always brewing with optimism and happiness. You’re not only a master at handling stressful situations but also come up with solutions to them.

5. The Power of Red


People who love the colour red are usually ones who enjoy power and being the centre of attention. If red is your colour, people around you pick up vibes of confidence, sophistication and power from you. You love dressing up, basking in the spotlight and socializing. You may not come across as extremely friendly, but once you make friends, you are hooked for life.

6. Black and Edgy


Sexy and classy, you weave a web of mystery around yourself, which makes you intriguing and attractive to pretty much everyone. Your people skills are well-known, though few people know the real you. That privilege is reserved for your nearest and dearest ones, for whom you will always run that extra mile.

7. Regally Purple


Change is in your nature. You love experimenting with things that you’re unfamiliar with. Gifted with a creative mind, you have a knack of turning a drab situation into a happening one. You are the resident mood-lifter for people who are depressed, especially the ones you love. When it comes to battling your own mood demons, you don’t do so well, but you know you can turn to the people in your life to cheer you up.

8. Classic White


Words of wisdom come naturally to you. You’re very picky about your friends, and you don’t settle until you achieve the best in life. You’re comfortable in your own skin, but find it difficult to deal with criticism and negativity. You fight for what is right, and will never keep yourself from pointing out what is wrong. When in trouble, you're the first person people turn to for advice.

Celebrity images: Viral Bhayani

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Published on Dec 1, 2014
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