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What Do YOU Want in Your Ideal Dating App? 'Coz Vee Promises to Deliver!

What Do YOU Want in Your Ideal Dating App? 'Coz Vee Promises to Deliver!

Meeting someone via a dating app is the newest way to find love in India! And given how successful some of these matches have turned out to be, we at POPxo thought why not ask our readers what new features they’d want on a dating app? So we bring you a wishlist of the ultimate dating app features in collaboration with Get Vee, a new app developer that promises to make all of these wishes come true! And, as an early Christmas present, they are also giving away Rs 100 in credit on Jabong to all POPxo readers who register on Vee! (Use the code: veepopxo14 after you've registered, and voila!)

1. Recommendations, Please?

Most of us have no time to sit and browse through an endless list of men. We wish the app would just send us recommendations every day based on shared educational, professional qualifications, interests and astrological compatibility. The less work the app needs us to do the better!

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2. Filters Too?

Filters are desperately needed on dating apps! Just because someone lives close by does not mean we’d like to date them. An app that sorts profiles according to education, work profile, interests and astrology - along with distance - would really be very useful.

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3. Safety Is a BIG Issue for Most Women

Most dating apps are synced with Facebook, but they don’t bother to protect the identity of the user. Even when you reject someone, they can easily find you on FB and bug you to death. Users should have the option of providing only their first name or hide some of their information.

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4. Ban Them Abusers!

There should be a feature to report verbally abusive members and not just be able to block them from your user profile - there should be measures to ban repeat offenders from using the app.

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5. Get Rid of Fake Profiles

The app should make sure that every account is verified to make sure we’re dealing with REAL people.

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6. A Little More Help?

So you’ve found someone on the app, but where do you meet?! If the app could also recommend a bar or restaurant that’s close by for both and matches our culinary tastes, wouldn’t that be absolutely fantastic!

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Now that we have this wishlist, it’s time to break the good news! Did you know that Vee has almost ALL of these features mentioned above? And MORE? Yes, they tick all the boxes and have an absolutely gorgeous user interface. Here’s what Vee brings to the table:

1. Go Invisible

It’s like you’ll be wearing an Invisibility cloak so you can see everyone while you are visible only to a few liked by you! Sounds like the best dating app already, doesn't it?

2. Hide Your Info

Don’t want others to find you off Vee? No problem! Now you can hide your info and no one except the people you like will be able to investigate your existence on Vee! (Your profile pictures remain visible to everyone, but your education/profession details and your full name will be hidden. So instead of “Priyadarshini Gupta”, you become Ms Gupta for everyone, which makes it hard to hunt down your profile on Facebook/Linkedin/Google+)

3. The Break-Up Feature

He says he hates Ryan Gosling?! The break-up feature in Vee is what he deserves. Break up with him, and he will not be able to contact you again.

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4. Profile Screening

With their strict profile screening policies, they make sure that every profile that appears on Vee is genuine and real. They disallow people who are married, above 40 or have very few Facebook friends. If other users report any profile as spam/abusive/offensive, every report gets manually screened so that offensive profiles never show up again.

5. Filters

Looking for a 25-year-old Mumbai-based finance professional? You can set filters based on age, location, profession, etc., and see only profiles that match your preferences.

6. Disappearing Chat

He is weird and talks nonsense or sends you offensive messages? No problem. Now you have the power to make the chat disappear from his phone too! Click on the “disappear chat” option and every record of the chat will be deleted forever.

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7. Anti-Screenshot

If boys believe that they can always take screenshots of embarrassing chats, they’re quite mistaken. With their “Anti-screenshot” feature, Vee does not allow any of their users to take screenshots!

8. Boot Out!

This feature is only available to female users. It gives them the power to boot out offensive male profiles. In addition to like and dislike options on the profile, women can choose to drag said profile down and boot it out into the trash can! All booted out profiles are automatically marked for review.

Now, we know they’re not giving you suggestions about where to meet, but c’mon, ladies, that’s something you and your soon-to-be-date can work out, surely? Go get Vee NOW!

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* This is a sponsored post for Get Vee. Download Vee at the  Android Play Store and Apple iTunes. Vee  is a new dating app which recommends interesting, eligible, educated singles in your area.