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"Main Apni Favourite Hoon": 8 Secrets of Happy People!

Happy people are full of positive energy. They’re emotionally grounded, and they add meaning to people’s lives and make the world a brighter and lighter place to live in. These are some of the secrets of happy people - learn, practice, inspire, repeat. :)

1. They’re Comfortable in Their Own Skin

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Everyone has insecurity issues. Either it has something to do with their bodies, personal relationships, work, or even accepting their own selves. Happy people go through the same thing, but the difference is in their way of tackling them. They’ve developed a tough skin when it comes to criticism, have accepted their flaws and know exactly how to fix them. They prefer to handle a nasty remark by laughing it off rather than brooding over it.

2. They Believe That Everything Happens for a Reason

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Instead of crying over spilt milk, happy people like to believe that there are better things in store for them. They always look at things from a broader perspective, work their way around roadblocks and are determined to achieve more. For them, every failure is another step forward in the journey of success.

3. They Embrace Change

happy people

Change is constant, and we're all apprehensive about it. However, there are a handful who embrace it. These are the ones who are the happiest! They not only know to accept change, but also learn how adapt themselves to it. What is life without a little risk, eh?

4. They Forgive and Let Go

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They may remember a tiff, but they’ll never hold it against you! They know that life is too short to hold grudges, and hence they won’t ruin their existing relationships because of it. They like to think of themselves as easygoing and fun-loving human beings.

5. They Appreciate the Little Things in Life

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Happy people aren’t always driven by materialistic pursuits. They take pleasure in the simplest of things. This could be in the form of doodling, feeding a stray pup or simply staring at a pretty flower. They are their own energy generators, and don’t need another’s company to keep them going.

6. They Wish Others Well

happy people

Happy people always look out for other people. They’re not self-centred and strive to bring out the best in other people. People like being around them because they are full of positivity and love!

7. They Accept Failure with Pride

happy people

Not many of us have the strength to come to terms with failure, but happy people do. They accept defeat and always look at it as something that enhances their experience and understanding of life.

8. They Tackle Problems on Their Own

happy people

They never ask for sympathy or turn to negatives to handle a problem. They prefer to deal with it in on their own. You will always find a happy person smiling, joking and laughing. Very rarely will you see the weaker side of them - most of the times, they would rather put on a happy face and deal with the world!

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