Does He Want to Marry You? 16 Signs He Might Be Ready to Pop the Question!

Does He Want to Marry You? 16 Signs He Might Be Ready to Pop the Question!

Unlike what many people think, most guys actually do want to get married once they’ve found the right woman, a.k.a. you! He may not be itching to get both sets of parents together and set a date right NOW, but that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about getting hitched. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and are wondering whether he’s ever going to put a ring on it, we give you a few signs he is ready for marriage. If ALL of these seem familiar, then you could be hearing wedding bells in the near future. :)

1. He talks about your future together. A lot.

signs he is ready for marriage

2. He doesn’t shy away from or try changing the subject whenever you bring up marriage.

3. He’s suddenly totally ready to meet your parents, if he hasn’t already. If he has, then he’s now trying to act all buddy-buddy with them.

4. He shares very private details about his life with you, from how much money he makes to how he secretly dislikes one of his nosy aunts.

5. He’s actually spoken to you about how many kids he wants, and even the names that he likes for a son/daughter.

signs he is ready for marriage

6. Your man involves you in major life decisions like that big job he’s considering moving countries for, but only if you would consider shifting there eventually.

7. He encourages you to follow your dreams, supports you and says things like how we wouldn’t expect his wife to stay home all day but would want her to keep doing something she enjoys.

8. He loves showing you off to the world and doesn’t hesitate to talk about his feelings for you in front of other people.

9. You feel like your friends and him are suddenly acting super-close and like they’re up to something, but your birthday is too far away for them to be planning a surprise party. ;)

10. Whether you live together or not as yet, he’s starting to clean up his act and not live like a total slob. His room is neater and he’s actually started to leave the toilet seat down. Hurray!

signs he is ready for marriage

11. He loves his friends, but those boys' nights that lasted till morning and all-guys' trips don’t seem to dominate his life any longer. It looks like someone is ready to give up the bachelor life, huh? :)

12. From his dad’s birthday dinner to his nephew’s 1st birthday party, he’s made you part of all his family gatherings, even though you aren’t officially a family member as yet.

13. He’s there for you and your family during difficult times.

14. He’s completely okay with spending a Saturday night in with you cuddling in front of the TV instead of hitting the bars.

15. He’s asked you what kind of metal you like - platinum or gold. And if you prefer a Princess cut - you can’t believe he’s even using such terms!

16. He’s told you things like how he’s never loved anyone as much as he loves you or that nobody understands him like you do and that you’re the One. :)

signs he is ready for marriage
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