#FML: 18 Signs You Are Seriously Overreacting (Even If You Think You Aren’t!)

#FML: 18 Signs You Are Seriously Overreacting (Even If You Think You Aren’t!)

You think you’re having a bad day. And the world is kind of ganging up on you. And everyone’s out to get you. But guess what, it’s not true! You’re having a bad day, sure, but you’re also kind of losing it. Well, you need to take a deep breath, calm down, and back away just a little bit. Here are some signs you are overreacting (even if you think you aren’t!). :)

1. You’ve gone on a social media rampage and un-friended/un-followed numerous people from your lists because someone said something that you didn't approve of.

2. Thanks to your bad mood, you have ended up fighting with your mom, partner, brother and bestie - all in one day.

Point 2, Signs you're overreacting

3. Your boyfriend was at the receiving end of a 3-hour call that ended with him saying "I think you're PMSing, maybe we should talk later?"

4. This made you fling your phone to the floor. It’s lying there now, in a few pieces.

5. You’ve hysterically whined, cried and raged and changed your mood multiple times in a matter of a few minutes. "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!" you wonder.

6. You’ve just sent an angry email to a bunch of people in your office. Well deserved, sure, but do you think your IT department head really cares about why you’re angry with HR?

Point 6-signs you're overreacting

7. Your colleagues and your friends are shooting you weird glances and keeping their distance from you.

8. You actually shot your boss a rude retort and felt utterly vindicated. But now you can’t look him/her in the face.

9. It’s 3 in the afternoon, and you find yourself desperate(!) for a drink. A large one!

point 9 - signs your overreacting

10. You’re taking a smoke break every five minutes.

11. You’ve burst into tears more than once during the day and turned into a blubbering mess in front of other people.

12. You find yourself resenting people with "perfect lives".

13. Every little thing starts to piss you off and you lash out on anyone and everyone.

Point 13- Signs you're overreacting

14. You catch yourself ending every conversation with a variation of “Why does everything happen to me?” and following that up with tweets and Facebook updates prominently featuring #FML.

15. You've never thought yourself as an evil person, but you’re actually having murderous thoughts about other people.

16. You’ve run up a massive online shopping bill in less than an hour because you needed to de-stress through some retail therapy. And now you’re desperately hunting for the “cancel order” option across multiple sites.

17. You're feeling a strong urge to destroy all the furniture in your house. You're wondering if you can break a few dishes and pretend it was an accident later.

18. You feel like NOBODY understands you.

point 18 - signs you're overreacting

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