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#RealGirlBeauty: How to Avoid Ending Up with a Haircut You Hate

#RealGirlBeauty: How to Avoid Ending Up with a Haircut You Hate

We have all fallen victim to at least one bad haircut before, which can be quite the beauty disaster. To save you from a nightmare trip to the hair salon the next time you want to change up your look, we tell you how to avoid ending up with a haircut you hate. Whether you plan on going really short or just want to add bangs, we make sure you love your new look.

How To Avoid Ending Up With A Haircut You Hate

1. Pull Out Some Pictures

If you like Anne Hathaway or Deepika Padukone's current avatar and want to try it on yourself, save some pictures of the particular look you like on your phone to give your stylist a clear idea. Try looking at it from different angles so that you know how much chopping it'll involve without freaking out at the last minute. However, it’s important to keep in mind that no hairstyle looks exactly the same on everybody thanks to the difference in texture of hair.

2. Ask Basic Questions

If you want thick bangs, get ready for high-maintenance care and a new level of patience. Think about what you're getting into... How much time will it require to style your new cut every day? What is your current hair care and style regime? Do you want to tie it up often? How much maintenance would those many layers require? Be honest with your hairstylist about your lifestyle and your doubts to help you make a better decision that suits your style and beauty regime too.

3. Be Specific about the Number of Inches You Want Taken Off

Your idea of "a couple of inches" may vary from your hairstylist’s idea of it. It’s always safer to physically show him/her with your fingers just how much of the length you want taken off to avoid any unpleasant surprises once the cut has been made.

How To Avoid Ending Up With A Haircut You Hate

4. Stalk Your Stylist

In order to get a good haircut, you need to ensure that your stylist is good. If you’ve been going to the same salon for a while and are comfortable with your stylist then you shouldn’t have a problem in this aspect. If not, then do a bit of homework and ask your friends whose hairstyles you have liked for a trustworthy referral.

5. Be Vocal

Don't wait or feel shy even when he/she is cutting your hair. Speak up when you think you haircut is not going the way you want. A good hairstylist will make sure he/she gets as close to your desired look as possible. If you're not happy, even AFTER your haircut, make sure your hair stylist knows about it.

6. Pay Attention to Styling Recommendations

Watch closely how just how your hair is blow-dried or styled. Make sure to take note of suggestions on managing your hair. Ask specific questions about days when you want to go au naturel (like at work), and how to style it for a night out. Using the right products can make a world of a difference and really accentuate your new cut, so pay attention to products recommended to you. They will be worth the splurge.

Do remember that it takes a about a week for your strands to settle fully into a new haircut! So give yourself that much time to fall in love with your new cut. :)

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Published on Oct 20, 2014
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