19 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Getting A Haircut!

19 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Getting A Haircut!

Long or short, wavy or straight, dry or shiny, we all love our hair! There’s no denying that. Every girl on the planet will agree with this! It’s like “tedha hai par mera hai”. Which is why going to get a haircut feels like going to a battle field. It's scary, nerve wracking and we have no clue just what we may be coming back with - a new hairstyle or a cuckoo bird’s nest on our heads! So here are 19 thoughts every girl has while getting a haircut!

1. After 30 days of mental persuasion you FINALLY enter the salon...

“Okay, let’s do this!” 1 getting a haircut

2. When a new person appears and says he/she is going to give you a haircut

“Who is this person? Where is my ‘guy’?!!”

3. When you don’t want the new person to touch your hair!

“How do I say I don't want to get a haircut from you, without sounding like a jerk?!”

3 getting a haircut

4. But then you have no other option...

“...Arrgghh!!! I can’t. Okay, he is gonna go for it any second! OMG! It’s happening.”

5. When you start having second thoughts...

“Wait… Do I really need a haircut??! Should I run for the hills?” 5 getting a haircut

6. When he drapes the cape over you and starts washing your hair...

“Aaah. This feels good! Keep doing that, please!”

7. When he is done washing and picks up his scissors...

“Here we go! Wait… My nose is itchy! Should I scratch it? How do I get my hands out from under this cape thingy? “ 7 getting a haircut

8. ...And you manage to because there’s just too much itch!

“Ohk, that was a good scratch.” Also read: 13 Sneaky Things EVERY Girl Does When Her Parents Aren’t Home!

9. When you see your hair falling on the cloth and on the floor

“Oh! My poor, poor hair!” 9 getting a haircut

10. When you thought it was over, but it wasn’t...

“Why is he cutting them so short? I didn’t want them so short!”

11. When he asks you to keep your head down and you raise your head a lil to sneak a look…

“What in the name of the lord is he doing, let me at least SEE!”

11 getting a haircut

12. ...And then he jerks your head back down!

“Okay, dude! Calm down! What’s the rush?”

13. When he is cutting your fringe...

“Do not mess this up, do NOT mess this up! This is the most important part of my look!” 13 getting a haircut

14. When you are just too impatient...

“Why is he spending more time on the right side of my head than the left? Is he making some weird style or is my head just strangely uneven?”

15. When he picks up the brush to dust off excess hair from your neck…

“Is he done? Can I look? *moves head slightly and feels hair on the neck* Okay no.”

15 getting a haircut

16. When he is done and you can finally look up...

“OMG! What is this?! This isn’t what I asked for!”

17. While he is setting up the hair dryer…

“Why does my hair look shorter on the right and longer on the left?!” 17 getting a haircut

18. When he is drying your fringes…

“Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot air on my face, on my eyes!” Also read: 7 Really Silly Thoughts I Had During My First Kiss!

19. When he is finally done..

“Oh, WOW I look... really great!" *casual side smirk* 19 getting a haircut

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