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#HeartBreak: Signs She MIGHT Not Be Your Bestie Anymore

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Have you noticed that you and your bestie are slowly drifting apart? You aren’t as close as you used to be and everything’s changed. It could be the distance or just that you both have grown apart. Well, girl, if you’re seeing too many of these signs, you might be losing your BFF. :(

1. You haven’t heard from her in over a week!

bestie point 1

2. When she calls, you let it go to voicemail. You know she does the same to you. If you manage to speak, it will be days later.

3. You can’t remember the last time you gave each other hour-by-hour updates of your day. In fact, you’re no longer telling her everything that’s happening in your life - and it’s not because you’re stuck at home with tonnes of work.

4. You suddenly realize that you’ve somehow gotten much closer to your other friends.

besties point 4

5. When the two of you meet, you no longer launch into non-stop chatter or finish each other’s sentences! It sadly just goes from “Hey, you know what...?” to “Hey, what’s up? Long time, no see.”

6. She makes up silly excuses not to meet up with you, including how she’s tired from having made a trip to the mall! (You remember the time when she wouldn’t dream of going shopping or pretty much doing anything else without asking if you wanted to join!)

7. There are long periods of silence when you both are together, and no, the silence isn’t comfortable.

8. You have cancelled a plan with her at the last-minute to meet other friends instead and you know she’s done the same with you too. You no longer know what she's doing everyday.

9. You spot her flirting with your ex-boyfriend, and that’s not what BFFs do to each other! Even worse, she had coffee with someone you really don’t like. Your frenemy is not her frenemy any more. What ever happened to girl code?

10. She’s not your pillar of support any more. Boy drama, work drama and family drama she’s no longer the first person you text or call!

11. You’ve both accidentally blurted out each other’s secrets to other people.

Signs you both aren't besties anymore Point 11

12. You’re contemplating skipping that important event she’s called you for just because you don’t feel like it. Or you drop by for a bit but leave as soon as you can.

13. Your family hasn’t seen her around in ages and they keep asking about her.

14. You have discussed her with your other friends - they know all is not well!

15. She’s not the first person you look for when you enter a party. In fact, now you just say a polite “Hey, how are you?” and end up getting dragged away by a different group of friends. It’s not like before, when you both would be stuck to each other the entire evening.

Signs she's not your bestie anymore- Point 15

16. You can’t remember the last time you both had a super-fun time together.

17. You both keep saying that you are busy with work and other stuff, but keep posting photos with other friends on Facebook. Yes, it’s definitely beginning to feel like the end of an era. Sigh!

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Published on Oct 22, 2014
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